Friday, November 14, 2008

Big Day Friday Random Ten

Tonight the Yen household will be the Planet of the 12-year-old girls; it's my stepdaughter's 12th birthday today and we're having a party for her. Since Adam is being a good sport about it, I'm treating his to something he's wanted to see since he was little, Blue Man Group. It'll be a big day for everybody.

1. Drops of Jupiter- Train
2. Mrs. Rita- The Gin Blossoms
3. Just Like Me- Paul Revere and the Raiders
4. Roseana's Going Wild- Johnny Cash
5. Too Much Information- The Police
6. Black Diamond- YOSHIKI
7. Centerfield- John Fogarty
8. Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear- Randy Newman
9. The Harder They Come- Jimmy Cliff
10. I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better- The Byrds

1. Love this song. The singer for Train is actor Robert Patrick's (Terminator, X-Files) brother.
2. New Miserable Experience is one of my favorite albums of the nineties. The singer, who wrote most of their good songs, including this one, was kicked out of the group due to his alcoholism, and eventually took his own life.
3. These guys were pure pop and I just love them.
4. Do yourself and get "Cash," the Johnny Cash box set.
5. This album was the "Frampton Comes Alive" of the eighties; everybody at my college had it. I think I still have my vinyl copy of it.
6. From another album everybody needs to have, "Kiss My Ass," the great Kiss tribute album. This is a classical cover of the Kiss classic. The Replacements did a fine version of it too on one of their albums.
7. The title track from John Fogarty's great post-Creedence comeback album that came out in 1985.
8. From the fabulous "Sail Away" album.
9. From "The Harder They Come" soundtrack. Joe Jackson did a great cover of this.
10. This song ranks up there with Dylan's "It Ain't Me Babe" with the great "kiss-off" songs.


SkylersDad said...

You just know that I have to pounce all over that #4 "Do yourself and get Cash" mistake, don't you?

How often do I have to do myself to get cash? And is it retroactive? because I am a frickin millionaire if so!

Powderhornhockey said...

Thanks for the warning, we will be sure to stuff all the cat's ears! It will be sure to be a giggle fest tonight. This is the good stuff of life, congrats on the The Girls 12th!

Andi said...

Wow, sounds like a big night all around. I hope you all have oodles of fun.

And I had no idea the Train singer is his bro. Learn something new every day.