Friday, November 07, 2008

The "Yes We Did" Friday Random Ten

I'm still on a post-election buzz. As I read about Obama's preparations, I'm optimistic and confident. The front of the Chicago Reader this week sums up my feelings: "Please Don't Screw This Up."

I have a feeling he won't.

1. New Frontier- Donald Fagen
2. Almost Grown- Chuck Berry
3. Chains- The Beatles
4. We Belong Together- Richie Valens
5. Bury Me Not On the Lone Prairie- Johnny Cash
6. Take It As It Comes- The Doors
7. Anarchy In the USA- Manic Hispanic
8. San Quentin- Johnny Cash
9. Turn Back the Hands of Time- Tyrone Davis
10. The Dutchman- Steve Goodman

1. From Steely Dan founder Donald Fagen's first solo album. The video for this song is probably my favorite vid ever and will be on my "Occasional Forgotten Video" series soon.
2. I saw Chuck Berry perform in Grant Park about 20 years ago. I left early and discovered that Keith Richards joined Berry onstage a few minutes after I left.
3. I've been digging into earlier Beatles lately. This was from the "Please Please Me" album.
4. "La Bamba" is one of my very favorite songs, but Richie Valens produced a lot of fine music in his short life.
5. I've been working on a blog post about a phenomenal scene at Eastern Illinois University, my college. It includes a house that threw frequent parties called "The Zebra Lounge." Johnny Cash' music plays into the story.
6. I still love that first Doors album.
7. I love these guys-- a Chicano punk rock band.
8. One of the first songs I really dug.
9. A Chicago treasure who died a couple of years ago. A friend of ours was Davis' photographer.
10. My friend Lulu refers to "Johnny Yen" moments-- unlikely connections I have with people. I had one with this song. I'll post about it some time.

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