Friday, March 13, 2009

Close Call Friday Random Ten

Yesterday morning, I was awakened very early by the sound of a crash in the kitchen. I ran in there to discover that Fatboy, our fat (and not too smart) cat had knocked my Powerbook off of the counter it was sitting on. Lucky for him, I'd purchased an aluminum-body Powerbook a couple of months ago. The frame was slightly dented, and my "right-shift" key will need to be replaced, but the computer was otherwise unscathed. He'll live to be fat and dumb for another day.

1. 10:15 Saturday Night- The Cure
2. A Slow Song- Joe Jackson
3. One of These Days- Ten Years After
4. Obviously 5 Believers- Bob Dylan
5. He Ain't Give You None- Van Morrison
6. Another Park, Another Sunday- The Doobie Brothers
7. All I'm Thinkin' About- Bruce Springsteen
8. Nothingness- Living Color
9. Panama- Pat Boone
10. Johnny 99- Bruce Springsteen

1. Great underappreciated song by these guys
2. I still love Night and Day, which came out in 1982
3. These guys tore it up at Woodstock
4. From the great "Blonde On Blonde" album
5. This was on TB Sheets, one of many great albums that came out in 1967.
6. As good a break-up song as there ever was
7. Some acoustic Springsteen
8. Love these guys-- I first heard their great cover of the Talking Heads' "Memories Can't Wait."
9. From Pat Boone's tongue-in-cheek metal album, "In a Metal Mood."
10. Some more acoustic Springsteen, from his great 1982 album "Nebraska." It's a timely tale of a guy who loses his job at an auto plant and loses his cool.


SkylersDad said...

But wait! What's the #10 song? I know, this is a quiz, right? ;^)

Johnny Yen said...

Hah! You caught me-- forgot to write the name of #10. It's Johnny 99. I should have let you guys guess-- I bet Vikki would have gotten it!

Churlita said...

I really like 10 Years After. Look Sharp was the Joe Jackson album that I listened to all the time in high school. I still love his stuff.

Anonymous said...

Back in my college days, I knew two guys who would invariably end every pub night with a tedious argument about Springsteen. All the non-fan had to do to drive the fan crazy was ask him, "What's that one song, you know, the one about the car?" The fan would rattle off about twenty titles, and the non-fan would keep saying, "No, not that one, the one about the car, you know, the guy and the car."

Erik Donald France said...

That first Cure album is my fave of theirs. Blonde on Blonde on the brain -- cool.

bubbles said...

Fat Boy certainly causes trouble, doesn't he? Damn Cats!