Friday, March 27, 2009

Delayed Friday Random Ten

Kim and I made the decision recently to switch to satellite tv from our increasingly expensive cable. They installed our satellite tv, I made arrangements with the cable company to disconnect the cable television-- but not our cable internet access.

Sure enough, the technician cut off both, and I had to wait for another technician to show up to reconnect it. We were without internet access since yesterday afternoon. That was no problem, though-- I got a call yesterday afternoon from Bubs, who was in the neighborhood, and he dropped by for a cup of coffee and conversation.

1. The One On The Right Is On The Left- Johnny Cash
2. End of the Night- The Doors
3. Nightclub Jitters- The Replacements
4. My Pledge of Love- The Joe Jeffrey Group
5. My Sweet Lord- George Harrison
6. Slow Ride- Foghat
7. Love March- The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
8. We Close Our Eyes- Go West
9. I Want You Back- The Hoodoo Gurus
10. Comin’ Back To Me- The Jefferson Airplane

1. Johnny Cash gently ribbing the folk movement
2. The Doors’ first album came out 42 years ago and still sounds great.
3. From the “Pleased To Meet Me” album, which also features Yen family favorite “Alex Chilton.”
4. Great little R and B one hit wonder.
5. This is the song that got George Harrison in trouble—it sounded to much like the Chiffons’ “He’s So Fine.” I love both songs.
6. Foghat played at the first concert I ever went to at Soldier Field in Chicago in 1977—the “Superbowl of Rock.”
7. My parents used to get out to see Butterfield at Big John’s, a club in the Old Town neighborhood of Chicago in the 1960’s.
8. Great ‘80’s one hit wonder.
9. A terrific Australian band that had a bunch of great songs in the ‘80’s.
10. From “Surrealistic Pillow,” one of my desert island albums


Mnmom said...

And the guy is the REEAARRR - is a Methodist! That one always cracked my parents up.

BeckEye said...

So odd...I hadn't thought about Go West in forever, but I just looked up that video about a week ago!

By the way, they were kind of a two-hit wonder. They had that god-awful "King of Wishful Thinking" song.

SamuraiFrog said...

Boo, "King of Wishful Thinking." "We Close Our Eyes" is a surprisingly decent song, though.

That Johnny Cash song always makes me laugh.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

The Gurus! I came across your blog because it was on someone elses's blogroll, and a "Lust for Life" title always intrigues.

Here I find a mention of my favourite Ozzie band! If it wasn't for the Gurus, I might not have immigrated Down Under when my wife and I decided to flee the Bush Crime Family regime. Not that I moved here BECAUSE of some band. But since I got into them in the late 80s, I started swapping music with Aussies who'd send me cassette comps (and later CDs) of obscure bands from here, and I'd return with unknown punkish bands from the U.S. I learnt more about Oz that way, so when it came time to go into exile, it was easier to transition here.

You might not know that they broke up for a few years in the late 90s -- early 2000s, had a Farfisa-psychedelic side project named the Persian Rugs then got back together and are still gigging around. I never saw them in the U.S. but they put on some hella good shows here.

Have you ever heard anything by Radio Birdman? They were an Aussie band contemperaneous with the Stooges in the late 70s; influenced by Detroit punk. You might like their tune "Aloha Steve and Danno," which has killer riffs based on (but not "covering") the "Hawaii 5-0" TV show theme.

Erik Donald France said...

Ooh, cool, I like the comments, too. FOrgot about the Hoodoo Gurus, and saw them back in the 80s. Cool.

The Doors -- a nod to Louis-Ferdinand CĂ©line's uber-novel, Journey to the End of the Night, which also still feels contemporary.


Distributorcap said...

go west, not that is a name i hadnt heard in a long time.....

all the cable companies can have their wires cut

i wish i could get satellite --- TW here is unreal

Churlita said...

When I was in college, every dorm room contained a poster of that Replacements album cover.

Johnny Yen said...

Mr. Cash was always good for a laugh, wasn't he? Loved "A Boy Name Sue" and "One Piece At A Time" too.

I never heard that one-- guess I was lucky!

I love "We Close Our Eyes." Fond memories of my youth, right after college-- me and a co-worker or two from the downtown restaurant I worked at on the weekends would head to the Park West Playlot in Lincoln Park-- it was a 5 o'clock bar on Saturday nights. They'd play "We Close Our Eyes" at closing time. I'd get home just as the sun was rising.

I have indeed heard of Radio Birdman-- they play them a lot on Little Steven's Underground Garage on Sirius satellite radio. Thanks for stopping by!

That first Doors album was very literary, wasn't it?

No satellite tv available where you are? We've been thrilled with it-- the picture's even better than cable.

I went to school in the other end of the eighties, the early part. There were still "Dark Side of the Moon" posters up in a lot of dorm rooms.

Anonymous said...

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