Friday, March 06, 2009

Last Minute Friday Random Ten

Today was a flurry, so I'm doing my Friday Random Ten late in the day. We're having a party tomorrow night for Adam-- he's fifteen tomorrow-- so I had to get ready for that. And his high school team won their playoff game, so they played tonight, and so did he-- he's in the band. They played Maine South, Hillary Clinton's high school. Oh, and they won.

1. Train In Vain- The Clash
2. Old John Robertson- The Byrds
3. Get Rhythm- Johnny Cash
4. Home Tonight- Aerosmith
5. Bang Bang- Sonny and Cher
6. Hold On- Lou Reed
7. When I Come Around- Green Day
8. Bluebirds Over the Mountain- Richie Valens
9. Electric Avenue- Eddy Grant
10. Let There Be Rock- AC/DC

1. The first Clash song I ever heard. It started me on a lifelong love affair with their music.
2. I love the Byrds. This song was a recent discovery, thanks to Little Steven's Underground Garage.
3. I always forget how much I like this song. Johnny Cash had so damned many great songs.
4. From Aerosmith Rocks.
5. From when Sonny was a hippie and not a Republican and Cher wasn't creepy.
6. My late friend Mark fell in love with Lou's New York album and predicted I would too; it was two things I loved, Lou Reed and politics. He was right.
7. My kids both love Green Day. Have I got great kids or what?
8. La Bamba is one of my favorite rock songs ever-- ironic, since it was originally a Mexican folk song. Richie Valens did a whole bunch more great songs. This is one of them.
9. Yesterday was Eddy Grant's birthday. Heard that on Little Steven's Underground Garage.
10. My kids and I love doing this one on Rock Band.


Dale said...

Snappy Birthday to Adam, let there be rock and lots of it at his birthday party!

lulu said...

I met you when Adam was a tiny little baby. In fact, I think I might have met you when he was a fetus!

Happy birthday to him!

SkylersDad said...

Happy Birthday Adam, I forgot that you and Skyler had the same birthday!

BeckEye said...

In the neighborhood I grew up, they called this area of streets "Electric Hill," because the main street is Edison, and some of the side streets are Volta, Ohm, and there might be another one but I forget. I used to call it Electric Avenue just so I could sing that song everytime I walked up there.

Happy Birthday to Adam!

Distributorcap said...

you always have the best mix

dmarks said...

I love "Electric Avenue". As near as I can tell, Eddie Grant is a two-hit wonder. His other one was the theme song for "Romancing the Stone". Not a bad song, but not as great as "Electric Avenue".

"Electric Avenue" is also the name of a song by the group Renaissance. But it is from after they turned into a nondescript new-wave band, and is not very good.

Johnny Yen said...

There was! He started out the party by playing the Sex Pistols' "Never Mind the Bullocks" and it continued from there. Eventually, we broke out the Rock Band and a splendid time was had by all.

I think it was right before he was born!

Skyler's Dad-
I forgot about that! Happy Birthday to Skyler!

Did you rock onto Electric Hill, and then take it higher?



Eddy Grant actually had one other hit, in another incarnation-- the Equalisers-- in the '60's. Their hit "Baby Come Back" (not to be confused with the US pop hit) was the first hit song in England by a racially mixed group.

sexy said...


Churlita said...

I love The Clash. I think London Calling was the first album I heard of theirs too. If I recall, train in Vain wasn't even listed on the original album.