Friday, March 20, 2009

Midterm Friday Random Ten

I'm going into midterm in my Anatomy class with an A, which I'm very happy about. This was the class I was most nervous about. I'm still nervous-- I've got a test coming up where I've got to identify bones and parts of bones-- there are 206 bones, each having between 5 and 8 parts. I'm getting together with a couple of classmates to study them today.

1. Good Shepard- Jefferson Airplane
2. It's A Happening- The Magic Mushrooms
3. Sometimes Always- The Jesus and Mary Chain
4. Send A Picture of Mother- Johnny Cash
5. He Was A Friend Of Mine- The Byrds
6. The Crowd- Roy Orbison
7. The E-Street Shuffle- Bruce Springsteen
8. Cherry Bomb- The Runaways
9. I Don't Know What It Is- Pete Shelley
10. 20th Century Fox- The Doors

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Churlita said...

I love Cherry Bomb. Awesome teen angst song.