Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Election

Since none of my sixth period Physical Science students showed up to school today, I thought I'd blog about the election.

I just got a call from old friend Dan who said there are reports of wide-spread irregularities. He thinks that the fix is in. I'm not as much of a cynic as he is.

It's widely assumed that the Dems will finally retake the House. This war seems to have disillusioned a lot of people, or woken them up. What is more, I was just checking out the Sun Times for local coverage, and uberconservative Robert Novak is admitting that there's a fair chance that the Democrats may take the Senate, too.

I'll be particularly interested to see how Bean and Duckworth do. They're Democrats, running in Republican bastions, and they're looking like winners right now. I love how Duckworth's opponent tried to criticize her on the war. Given that she lost both legs to the war, I'd have steered clear of that one. Nobody says Republicans are smart.

I'm going out to vote after this, and I'm still trying to figure out about the governor. I spent a lot of the last four years amazed at how a really good state rep and congressman could turn into such a bad governor. He seems, however, to be good at learning from his mistakes. His lead over Topinka is pretty good, so I may just have to vote Green.

One of the things that should be fun, if the Democrats do win one or both houses, is to see the rats scurry off the sinking Bush/Rove ship.


Bubs said...

I can finally go to sleep now, with CNN and MSNBC both reporting Dem majorities in the house.

I wish Seals had won, but it doesn't look good.

All I can say about the House victory is, start getting the subpoenas ready

Beth said...

We're halfway there! Now the Dems just need to kick congressional ass the next two years so that we can win back the White House.