Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Public Service

A few days ago, there was a murder in Park Ridge, a quiet, safe suburb just northwest of Chicago. This was, to say the least unusual--it's a very nice 'burb, and it borders very nice, safe neighborhoods in Chicago, including the one that my son lives in with my ex. Murders are rare in those parts.

My friend Paul Tobin at work lives in Park Ridge with his wife and four children. I was discussing it with him. Apparently it was some kind of "hit." The killer rang the doorbell and shot the poor victim at close range. Fortunately, the Park Ridge police have a good sketch of the suspect. As a public service, I've included the sketch with this post. If you see this person, please call the Park Ridge police immediately.


Bubs said...

We were eating dinner the other night and some older men at the table next to us asked "so, what about this murder in Park Ridge, do you know who did it?" Kind of busting our balls.

I answered "yeah, some guy in a ski mask" and returned to my dinner. They were not amused.

Johnny Yen said...

Yeah, Paul told me this morning that the picture, which was published in their local paper, has become a bit of a source of embarassment to the town.

We get a lot of officers eating in the restaurant (Jury's is pretty close to both the 19th and Townhall), and occasionally we'll have a customer come up and start discussing police matters with them. We usually try to guide them away-- we ask them, do people come up and talk about their work when they are having dinner?

So I'm wondering-- if they do get a suspect, are they going to have a line-up with a half dozen guys in ski masks?

Bubs said...

Conceivably, yes, they could. If the suspect said anything they'll ask him to repeat the phrase in front of the witness.

We did a lineup a few years ago for a weenie waver. He approached a woman in a bookstore, exposed himself, and suggested she, uh, perform an act of oral copulation on him.

When we did the lineup the victim asked if everyone would repeat the phrase "I want you to suck my c*ck." In addition to the offender, there were two cops and three civilian volunteers standing in the lineup.

The victim had already picked the guy out, but asked for that phrase so she could be totally certain.

Afterward, she said she knew she'd picked the right guy because he was the only one who WASNT trying not to laugh when he said the phrase.

Johnny Yen said...

He revealed himself as the hardened criminal in the line-up then, didn't he?

lulu said...

that was a terrible pun.

Johnny Yen said...

Lu- to quote my late friend Mark "The great thing about puns is that the worse they are, the better they are."

Grant Miller said...

I salute your dedication to helping law enforcement track down these criminals.