Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday Random 10

It's report card day today at the alternative high school. Turnout is light. I'm done with my lesson plans. Fortunately I brought my ibook along, and did my shuffle.

1. Can’t Live- Harry Nilsson
2. Tumbling Dice- Rolling Stones
3. The Ten Commandments- The Fugs
4. The Lonely Bull- The Ventures
5. Walt Whitman’s Niece—Billy Bragg & Wilco
6. Never Been in Love- Dave Edmunds
7. Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag—James Brown
8. All I Really Wanna Do—Bob Dylan
9. Song Of The American Consul/Quartermaster Song—Jamie O’Reilly and Michael Smith
10. Tangled Up in Blue (from Real Live)—Bob Dylan

The Dave Edmunds is from the Dave Edmunds box set. An old friend and roomie, Dobie Holland, used to work at Jet Magazine and would get to take the promo copies of cd's and cd sets. The Dave Edmunds set was a present for my birthday-- 29th or 30th, maybe. Dobie kept the Black Market Clash for himself. And he had "The Best of War" in a specially produced Eight-Track. Way cool.

If you've never heard the Fugs, you must. Irreverent is not a strong enough adjective.


lulu said...

My friend Steve used to be one of about 25 people who voted on cover art for the Grammys. His little group of like 5-6 people got a copy of literally EVERY album, and later CD, made that year, including the special limited release stuff that was really just done for promotions, and Grammy compititions. Not a bad gig.

Dale said...

I haven't heard Dave Edmunds in a long time so I'm off in search of him. Great gift and great job huh? I'll look up the Fugs while I'm at it. Thanks Johnny Yen

Johnny Yen said...

Lu- way cool job, for sure!

Dale-- I'd be glad to burn and send the Dave Edmunds set (it's two discs). Email me at

Dale said...

Johnny you're too kind. I sent you an email. Stop harrassing me! Har har.

Dale said...

Yikes, and I'm just listening to a song called Nothing by The Fugs - very funny. It's the song of my life, haha.