Monday, November 13, 2006

Four Things You Should Know About

1. The Mustard Museum. I love mustard. I've loved mustard since I was a kid. Finding out that tumeric and vinegar, two of the main ingredients of mustard, are really good for you has only increased my love of mustard. But it's like Star Trek-- I love it, but not enough to go to a convention. I love mustard, but it disturbs me a little that someone has a museum for it.

2. Amy's Diary. This is the funniest thing ever on the internet. It's the diary of a third grade girl. The entries are, as the website points out, "painstakingly colored by crayons and narrated by experts to preserve the essense of third grade gestalt."

3. The Prison Bitch Name Generator. The name explains it all. Mine is "The One-Eyed Ogre."

4. The Ramones Name Generator. Go ahead-- I'll bet you can guess yours.


lulu said...

I have been to the Mustard Museum, and I orderd my sister-in-law a birthday gift from there last year.

And my Prison Bitch name is "Honey Hole"

Bubs said...

Say hi to "Skidmarks"

Johnny Yen said...

I'll trade you two packs of smokes for your prison bitch name, Bubs.

Tenacious S said...

My daughter used to call mustard "sun dip-dip." She loved it at the age of two and still slathers it all over whatever she can. She might enjoy the museum. And, hey, what a surprise, I'm Sharon Ramone. Who knew?

Johnny Yen said...

My son won't go near the stuff-- he does, however, love ketchup.

It's funny the names they make up. When Adam was 4, he played basketball at the YMCA every Saturday. They would put up orange traffic cones for them to run their drills around. One Saturday, the soccer practice people got ahold of the cones, and they substituted bowling pins for the cones. He is not one to take change lightly, and demanded to know why they were using "clown cones."