Friday, October 26, 2007

Busy Friday Random Ten

The new job is going well. I've also been covering for a guy who's sick at Jury's, so the week has been very, very busy. I'm looking forward to a weekend spending time at home and maybe even catching up on blogs.

1. I Need Somebody- Iggy and the Stooges
2. My Sweet Lord- George Harrison
3. Voodoo Child (Slight Return)- The Jimi Hendrix Experience
4. Promise Me- The Gun Club
5. Is She Really Going Out With Him?- Joe Jackson
6. Love Is The Stranger- Eurythmics
7. Standin'- Townes Van Zandt
8. Home In My Hand- Foghat
9. She Belongs To Me- Rick Nelson
10. Alternative Ulster- Stiff Little Fingers

1. From Iggy and the Stooges self-titled debut album.
2. This is the one George Harrison got sued for-- it sounded just a little too much like the Chiffons' He's So Fine.
3. Whenever I hear this one, I think of the scene in the movie Withnail and I where it's played-- Withnail, up for a couple of days without sleep, driving down the highway, declaring "I'm making time!"
4. From the great Fire of Love album, which also had one of the great songs of the eighties, She's Like Heroin To Me.
5. Joe Jackson's first hit. Can it be nearly 30 years ago?
6. My favorite Eurythmics song. One of my favorite videos, too-- very creepy.
7. Townes Van Zandt is one of my favorite late-life discoveries.
8. Foghat is one of my big guilty pleasures. They played at the first concert I ever went to, 30 years ago, along with the J. Geils Band, Climax Blues Band and Emerson, Lake and Palmer.
9. Rick Nelson had a minor hit covering this very ironic Dylan song.
10. From the splendiferous No Thanks! collection of '70's punk songs.


Bubs said...

What a great list.

I was not familiar with #4 or #7. I never listened to the Gun Club back in the day. Don't know why. And you're right about Foghat being a guilty pleasure--one of the BEST guilty pleasures, in my opinion.

Good luck getting through the busy times at work. Other than that, is everything good? How's school treating you?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That Joe Jackson song really brought me back. But I think Bubs is wrong, that was only about 5 years ago, wasn't it? At least in my mind it was.

Gotta love a Friday playlist that ends in Stiff Little Fingers!

Beth said...

Don't do that to me! Seriously, 30 years for Mr. Jackson? But I'm "nineteen forever"!

Have you seen the Townes Van Zandt doc? Wonderful; you'd love it.

Skylers Dad said...

If that Joe Jackson song is 30, that would make me...lets see carry the one...divide by pi... OLD!

Dale said...

Annie Lennox just performed here to raves and I'm sorry I missed it. Alternative Ulster is one of those great take me back songs and the Joe Jackson and George Harrison songs always get me.