Friday, October 05, 2007

The "Keep Your Fingers Crossed" Friday Random Ten

I may have some good news on the job front. Keep your fingers crossed.

1. Shotgun Blues- Jason and the Scorchers
2. What Goes On- The Velvet Underground
3. Take Me Down To Lovers Lane- Robert Mitchum
4. Calling Dr. Love- Shandi's Addiction
5. Little Bit O' Soul- The Music Explosion
6. The Epic- Pat Metheny Group
7. Brooklyn (Owes the Charmer Under Me)- Steely Dan
8. The Usual- John Hiatt
9. Anarchy In the U.K.- The Sex Pistols
10. Bob Dylan- Who Killed Davey Moore?

1. Great underappreciated band from the eighties.
2. I somehow missed this song, despite being a huge Velvet Underground fan, until we learned it in a class I took at the Old Town School of Folk music. It's since become a favorite. For all the tawdry content in their music, people forget that VU had a lot of just gorgeous songs.
3. From the great Robert Mitchum calypso album.
4. This is from a Kiss cover album that came out about ten years ago, and belongs in everyone's cd collection.
5. A garage-rock classic from the sixties.
6. I'm not a jazz fan, but love this album, American Garage. Bonus: it has an Airstream on the cover.
7. From Steely Dan's great first album.
8. Bob Dylan did a great, raucous cover of this song.
9. I love the Sex Pistols, but saw recently that Johnny Rotten was claiming that the Pistols were more punk than the Ramones. Yeah, in your dreams, Johnny. Bite me.
10. A classic early Dylan protest song, about a boxer who was killed in the ring.


Erik Donald France said...

What Goes On (Inside Your Head) - The Velvet Underground: beautiful song, indeed. Very sweet feel to it.

On the other end of the spectrum, Anarchy is still spectacular!

Skylers Dad said...

Oh yeah JY, Pat Metheny! Lyle Mays on the keyboards... Those were good days!

BeckEye said...

No playlist that includes John Hiatt can fail.

Grant Miller said...

Love the Dylan song.

Bubs said...

Awesome list, as always. What Goes On is one of my favorite songs ever. I'm putting together my playlist to get myself pumped up pre-race, and What Goes On might be on it.

Little Earl said...

Congratulations, you have named the greatest Velvet Underground song of all time. Three words: organ, rhythm guitar. And they knew exactly how long to keep the fadeout going, too! Why end it too soon when the groove is grooving, baby?

Johnny Yen said...

True on both counts!

Sunday Morning is another VU song that stands out as a real beauty.

Skyler's Dad-
I just love that album. I saw Metheny on that tour-- one of the great shows I was ever at.


I was in a store yesterday and "Perfectly Good Guitar" was playing.

The first time I ever heard it was late at night on WXRT when I was in high school in the late seventies. Hard to imagine a time when they were that cool.

Definitely a good running song! Good luck tomorrow!

Little Earl-
Welcome to Casa de Yen! Yes, I love the interplay between the guitar and organ at the end!

Speaking of Velvet Underground and keyboards, I love the one-note piano outro in Waiting For My Man.