Sunday, October 07, 2007

This Is Not Bubs

I got up this morning, hopped on my bicycle and rode down to Addison and Broadway to watch some of the 45,000 folks running the Chicago Marathon, specifically, our marathonning blogger, Bubs.

Amazingly, I managed to see him, shouting out "Go Bubs! Run, you hillbilly, run!" I'm pretty sure he heard me-- he turned toward me when I shouted this.

Not so amazingly, I missed videotaping him-- I was not quick enough on the draw with my camcorder as I saw him approach. To make up for it, I videotaped someone in a scary costume about a minute behind him. I was reminded of the words of wisdom Bubs had given his kids: "If your job entails wearing a costume, your career's probably gone off the rails at some point." It can only be worse if you're running a marathon in a costume.

Besides Bubs and the scary costume guy, I also saw Elvis and, I swear to god, Lou Reed. He was about two minutes ahead of Bubs. I'm sure he'd have been running right beside Bubs if he knew how much Velvet Underground Bubs had on his ipod playlist.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Was that costumed dude supposed to look like a scrotum?

Erik Donald France said...

Weird. A salute to you, Bubs and Lou Reed! (And, well, Elvis!)

Anonymous said...

Go Bubs, go!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Lou Reed can run? I am impressed.

Good job cheering on our little hillbilly!

yournamehere said...

Seriously, I've never been a heroin addict and couldn't begin to run a marathon. Lou must have sold his soul to the devil.

Bubs said...

Hey, that was Mr. Testicles. On the back of his costume it said "Go, Go, Go Mr. Testicles" and had a website for a testicular cancer charity. Thank God he didn't pass me.

I ran with Elvis for a while and we talked about the Las Vegas marathon. Nice guy. I also ran with Spiderman for a while.

At least this time, unlike 1999, I didn't get passed by a guy with a potted plant on his head and 4 people dressed as a cow.

I did think I heard someone yell "Bubs" but then thought I was hallucinating.

GETkristiLOVE said...

"I also ran with Spiderman for a while." There's a sentence I never thought I'd hear.

I'm so glad you quit your high-pressure waiter job JYen because I miss these fun posts.

MacGuffin said...

Lou Reed does marathons? For reals?

Johnny Yen said...

I thought it was just my imagination, but yes, apparently is-- see Bubs' reply. The guy is "Mr. Testicles." Seriously.

Hats off mainly to Bubs-- I was sweating buckets just standing there. He was the one running.

I saw him around what he told me was the 7th mile or so, and still going strong. I'd have given up long before that. He had another 17 miles.

Yeah, maybe these althetes need to rethink their training regemin.

I'm pretty sure it wasn't actually him, but he was nearly a dead ringer.

Four people in a cow outfit? That would have been pretty unpleasant today, with the heat and humidity.

For a moment I wondered if the Elvis guy was you!

Thanks! I missed writing them.

That wasn't a sentence you thought you'd hear outside of a psych ward, was it?

I'm pretty certain it actually wasn't him, but I had to do a triple take-- aside from being a little too young (this guy was probably 47 or 48-- Lou is 65), he looked a hell of a lot like Lou, who I've seen in person, in concert.

Grant Miller said...

Run Run Run Run Run!

Beth said...

We always get Elvis at our runs — but never Lou Reed. Chicago is so cool.