Friday, August 01, 2008

Family Reunion Friday Random Ten

I'm doing this Friday Random Ten from Kim's family's reunion in the Wisconsin Dells! They do a reunion every three years. The last one we went to, we were still dating, and not married yet. Everybody is commenting on how much the kids have grown. Everybody is polite enough not to mention how much greyer my hair is.

1. Dancing In the Moonlight- King Harvest
2. Suffragette City- David Bowie
3. Shakers and Movers- Midnight Oil
4. Shambala- Three Dog Night
5. Boys Don't Cry- The Cure
6. West End Girls- The Pet Shop Boys
7. Living On A Thin Line- The Kinks
8. You Can't Kill Me- The Washington Squares
9. This Damn Nation- The Godfathers
10. Let the Music Play- Shannon

1. It was really strange hearing this one in a commercial a few years back. I associate this song with sixth grade, which is where I was in 1973 when it was a hit.
2. "Ziggy Stardust" was one of the first albums I bought, specifically because it had this song on it.
3. From the "Blue Sky Mining" album.
4. Jeez, this one was in a commercial too. I think for the same company that the King Harvest song was
5. Why is Robert Smith always so sad? He's a rich rock star.
6. Just loved this one in the summer of 1986.
7. This great Kinks song from the eighties got new life when it was featured on The Sopranos.
8. These guys were three New York City punk rockers who got together in the eighties and formed a folk trio, shades, suits and all, and did political songs.
9. Loved these guys. The also did "Work School Birth Death."
10. Guilty pleasure from the eighties


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Family reunions kick ass when everybody is polite. Have a blast and remember to say please and thank you.

dmarks said...

"Shambala" sure is catchy.

I see Midnight Oils as a one-hit wonder, and you already mentioned "Beds Are Burning" in a previous post. So with "Shakers and Movers", you are in uncharted territory for me.

#10 isn't bad. However, the band name for some reason put another tune in my head "Shannon is gone, I've heard she's drifted out to sea.... She always loved to swim (sail?) away..."

SkylersDad said...


Holy cow JY, that was my era!

Johnny Yen said...

It's been most pleasant. Everybody keeps saying two things: 1. "Your kids are so polite!" and 2. "Your kids have grown so much!"

Three Dog Night are a big pop guilty pleasure for me. As I remember, you grew up in the Chicago area. Do you remember the Soundstage they did?

I think "The Dead Heart" also charted. I don't view Midnight Oil as a mainstream pop band so much as an outstanding band that dealt with politics, history, historical wrongs (the way Australia's indigenous people were treated) and such, who happened to have a couple of big hits.

Skyler's Dad-
You and me both. Remember that were only about three years apart in age.

dmarks said...

I left the Chicago area when I was 4. I am more likely to remember Garfield Goose than I am to remember any band of any kind, unfortunately.