Saturday, August 02, 2008

There's No Stopping Monkerstein

I was taking a moment from the family reunion to catch up on my favorite blogs, and discovered, while reading Kristi's blog that Blogger has taken Monkerstein's main blog down because some asshat reported it as spam. Never fear-- you can get your daily allotment of the good Doctor Monkerstein at an alternate site that will be up until he straightens this out with blogger. It's listed in my blogroll as "Monkerstein 2."

Rock on Dr. Monkerstein!


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Thanks for the love Johnny. My main blog is back up and running. Have fun with your in laws.

Anonymous said...

Having worked on the McGovern campaign as a mere child I can remember when liberals roamed the plains in herds as thick as buffalo. We still are on the endangered list, but it seems the species is coming back. Thanks to an aggressive breeding program encouraged by the Neo-Cons in the wastelands of Texas.

However we of the liberal kind still need to watch each others backs, thanks to Kristi all of our radar's are up. Keep spreading the word!