Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Long National Nightmare Is Almost Over

We're almost there, people-- only two more days left, after today, to "National Mime Month."

Of course, we still have to endure 601 more days of this evil clown...

Given the circumstances, in order to survive, we may have to add some some more drink holidays to our very successful Margarita Fridays for the duration. Any suggestions?

As a public service, I'll volunteer Manhattan Thursdays.


Skylers Dad said...

I propose Guinness Wednesdays. Celebrate hump day with dark brew and yelling "Brilliant"!

lulu said...

Didn't the Daily Bar and Grill have steak and manhattan thursdays? I seem to remember that.

Martini Monday
Tequila Tuesday
Whiney White Wine Wednedays
Thursdays and Fridays you have covered
Six Pack Saturday
and on the seventh day we rest. And throw up.

Grant Miller said...

When will you propose martini Mondays?

GETkristiLOVE said...

I'd like to elaborate on Lu-lu's comment and say Two-Fisted Tequila Tuesdays... but maybe that's just because I'm still on vacation!!!

'Bubbles' said...

I just perfected my Mojito recipe. Given the summer season, how about Mojito Mondays, then a seasonal switch to Martini's.

Will that work for you Grant?

Big Orange (a.k.a. "Uncle Moonpie") said...

we used to have Tastefully Nude Friday over at Social Zymurgy, but that got struck down.

I'm with Sky-Dad on the Guinness-- by WEd we all need something to keep us goin'.

Tenacious S said...

I'm in for Guiness Wednesdays. It's good and good for you. Hey, if doctors in the UK recommend that pregnant women drink a Guiness a day, it must be good.

Tenacious S said...

Oh, and Skyler's Dad, can we alternate yelling, "Brilliant!" with "That's total crap!"? I love the absolutism.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

What? I missed National Mime month? And I got a hunting license this year and everything.

lulu said...

Barbara, it's also International Masturbation month for a few more days, enjoy.

Mob said...

I'm all for Guinness Wednesdays, when does one begin celebrating?

As the saying goes, it's five o'clock somewhere, right?

Bubs said...

I'm skipping the whole process, and at some point in the future I'll proclaim the inaugural of

National Hard Likker Week.

Johnny Yen said...

Skyler's Dad-
Absolutely! That's brilliant!

Tequila Tuesdays were seconded by Kristi. And absolutely on Six Pack Saturdays-- we've got to fit beer in there somewhere.

Why should I, when you already have. I think we should combine it with "Bubbles" idea and make it Martini and Mojito Mondays. This is America. We like choices.

Two-Fisted Tequila Tuesdays it is! Why stop when vacation stops-- what are we, a bunch of quitters? No way!

See above, Grant's comment. I'll try a Mojito, but only if you're bartending!

Big Orange-
I'm still protesting the end of "Tastefully Nude Fridays." But a Guiness with you and Skyler's Dad every Wednesday will ease the pain.

Then it's unanimous-- Guiness Wednesdays, starting at noon.

That is tragic. Don't worry, though, they're in season every May.

Isn't that every month?

Why wait until 5? To quote my grandmother:

"If you drink before noon, you're a alcoholic. If you drink after noon, you're just a drunk."

We await it with bated breath!

Flannery Alden said...

How about Tie Me To The Bedpost Tuesdays?

Natalie said...

Bush is much scarier than the mime. Damn. I propose we just drink as many drinks as well can all days and wait it out.

Amy Guth said...

I am a devout summertime observer of Mojito Monday, myself.