Thursday, May 31, 2007

Random Ten For a Margarita Friday

My son was commmenting last weekend about how fast the year has gone. Here it is, June 1 already!

This is a day teachers alternately love and dread. We love it because it marks the beginning of the end-- we're almost to summer break! On the other hand, the kids know that too, and it gets increasingly more difficult to get any work out of them.

So have a Margarita-- remember, you have my permission. And if your boss says its too early, remember the famous words of my grandmother:

If you drink before noon, you're an alcoholic. If you drink after noon, you're just a drunk.

It's after noon somewhere, right?

1. On the Road Again- Canned Heat
2. Mullet- The Devotchkas
3. In the Evening- Led Zeppelin
4. Sail On Sailor- The Beach Boys
5. Manic Mechanic- ZZ Top
6. Suffagette City- David Bowie
7. Ramblin' Man- The Allman Brothers Band
8. Sneaky Feelings- Elvis Costello
9. Suspect Device- Stiff Little Fingers
10. No Words- Paul McCartney and the Wings


GETkristiLOVE said...

I remember looking up suffragette after hearing the Bowie song for the first time, as I didn't know what it meant! I was like, "Ohhhhhh..."

Skylers Dad said...

"If you drink before noon, you're an alcoholic. If you drink after noon, you're just a drunk."

If I ever get a tattoo, those will be the words I choose to have on it.

busterp said...

Cheers. Liked the quote too. Tat? My first choice is still Stones tongue. Will do it. Procastinator.

Beth said...

It's 1:16 p.m. here; time to fire up the blender.

lulu said...

Today is the last day of Senior attendance at my school. they show up next week, but jsut to practice marching around for graduation. It's prom night, so most of the seniors showed up for divison and then got an ED to go get their hair and nails done.

Maybe I'll order a Margi at prom tonight in your honor.

Dale said...

If you have to give the kids a margarita to keep them in their seats, I'm all for it!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Any list that has both DeVotchka and Stiff Little Fingers is a great reason for a margarita.

'Bubbles' said...

On the subject of Grandma quotes, you might like this one from my Grandma, JY....

"It's funny about restaurant businesses. In the safe the insurance papers rub up against the mortgage papers and a fire starts. It happens all the time!"

I have the safe from the original family tavern! It didn't burn, nor did the tavern. It was taken by the state to put an interstate through. Funny quote, though - and oh, so realistic!

Gotta love grandmas!

Johnny Yen said...

I knew what it meant, but I just looked up the Wikipedia entry for the song-- yes, they have one! It's an interpretation I'd never really thought of.

When I bought my first electric guitar, that was the first song I wanted to learn. Ziggy Stardust was one of the first albums I ever bought.

Skyler's Dad-
If you like my grandmother's quote (my dad's stepmother, incidentally), you'll love the quote my grandfather (maternal) had. I'll share that soon.

Love your tattoo idea. Love that symbol.

Procrastination is a good thing with tattoos. Like in marriage, spontaniety is not a good thing with them.

With my and my late grandmother's blessings!

Lucky you. We have our seniors for two more weeks-- we started two weeks late. Fortunately, attendance is plummetting daily in general.

Have at least two in my honor-- I'm feeling generous, and you are quite deserving.

Usually they take care of the sedatives themselves-- nearly all of them show up baked. We've actually had to send kids home because they stink so much of marijuana. Our start time, BTW, is 8:30 am.

Absolutely. And the Stiff Little Fingers song came from the No Thanks! collection, incidentally.

How true that is! What's amazing is the number of struggling restaurants that have kitchen fires in the middle of the night, despite stringent fire codes and inspections...

I'd be fascinated to hear about the family tavern. Was it in Chicago, and was it "Eminent Domained" to build an interstate?

Erik Donald France said...

Three cheers! My history exams are on Monday. Only a week of bureacracy to go after that. Love "Suspect Device" and always liked "In the Evening."

Anonymous said...


Gran' advice!! 'specially for tho' o' us who are ALREADY done!!

Frank Sirmarco said...

Everything on your shuffle is great!