Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mission Not Accomplished

My old friend Dan called me this evening to remind me of an anniversary-- it was four years ago today, on May 1, 2003, that W. had himself landed, wearing a flight suit, onto the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln and declared the end to major combat operations in Iraq.

As he gave his speech, a banner saying "Mission Accomplished" was clearly visible.

In a bit of irony that almost defies belief, Bush chose today, the anniversary of that grotesque bit of political theater, to sign the veto of the bill that would have had the effect of setting a date for ending major combat operations in Iraq.


Erik Donald France said...

Ironic, or just plain stupid?

The man says that if the US withdraws, all hell will break out. As opposed to now, which is just all heck.

The US president/govt. will probably pull most of the troops out and "keep" a little superbase "to operate against terrorists." In 2009. The next Eisenhower. Right.

Erik Donald France said...

One of the big wild cards is what happens with the Kurds in the region?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Isn't that amazing? Sadly though, he wasn't wearing the skin-tight flightsuit today.

Anon. Blogger said...

That dumb SOB.

I really hate him. Really.

Mob said...

I can't even find the strength to make fun anymore.

Flannery Alden said...

He also chose May 1 to appear on American Idol and thank all the viewers and artists for helping to raise money for the poor, thus making his job on the homefront easier.


Skylers Dad said...

He is just the worst ever. Unfortunately, I know people who continue to spout his company line of better to fight them over there than over here.

My god...

Johnny Yen said...

My guess is a complete lack of awareness. And yes, the Kurds are a real wild card. If Iraq descends into chaos, they'll stop making nice and start wanting their own state.

Yeah, that one is up there with Dukakis and his stupid tank picture.

Me too.

I so look forward to after his "presidency" when the office won't protect him.

What a dicktard he is.

Skyler's Dad-
My union rep, of all people, in my last job, spouted that line. I was appalled.

The Elk said...

Q. What do the Turkish army and Little miss Muffet have in common?
A They both have Kurds in their way...
Should partition actually take place, An independant Kurdistan will be the shortest lived nation on earth. The Turkish army is already mobilized on the borders due to their long fight with the PKK, and will swarm across the border the instant independance is declared. Not really much to stop them.
The Turk really have nothing to lose at this point; any entry in to the EU has been and will continue to be stimied by the Greeks (see the continued partition of Cyprus) and the French (see denial of the Armenian Genocide), the Supreme court has suspended the current presidential vote as the Islamists are ahead and the omnipresent Military has made it quite clear Friday last that they will do what ever necessary (see Coup) to have the Turkish government retain its secular nature.
Or as the Turks would say Omandacoyam!