Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hot DVD News-- WKRP in Cinncinatti

This just in: the first season of "WKRP in Cincinatti" is coming out on DVD in April! This includes their most famous episode, indeed one of the funniest episodes of a television show ever, "Turkeys Away" in which a Thanksgiving promotion goes disasterously awry. It's become a Thanksgiving tradition for my son and I to watch the copy I taped off of television a couple of years ago.

One of the issues in DVD releases has been the paying of music royalties. In a show about a radio station, you can imagine there were a lot of musical issues to iron out. I truthfully didn't think that this show would ever get released on DVD.

Until April, enjoy this clip from "Turkeys Away," which first aired October 30, 1978.


Mob said...

I absolutely loved the turkeys episode!

This show factors heavily in fond memories of television watching with my father as a child.

Great news, thanks for that!

Dale said...

Ah, the turkeys are flying again are they? I loved it and the whole series too.

vikkitikkitavi said...

"I swear to god I thought turkeys could fly" has to be one of the best lines, ever. Can we send that writer to the sitcom hall of fame?

Johnny Yen said...

I didn't start watching that show until college-- I had a roommate who got me watching the reruns.

"It's the phone cops!"

One time, in an interview, Gordon Jump talked about how there was a general respect for people in the show. I completely agree.

My son loves that line-- the exact words are "With God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly." Not only should the scriptwriter go to the Hall of Fame, Gordon Jump deserved an Emmy for the way he delivered that line.

Tenacious S said...

Thank you so much for making me laugh, a lot! Now I can study.