Friday, January 05, 2007

Random Ten For a New Year

1. Across the River- Bruce Hornsby and the Range
2. Phil Ochs, Bob Dylan, Steve Goodman, David Blue and Me – John Wesley Harding
3. The Year of the Cat- Al Stewart
4. Flowers of Evil- Mountain
5. Driving Wheel- Foghat
6. Move On Up- Curtis Mayfield
7. Target- Joe Jackson
8. Double Shot of My Baby’s Love- The Swingin’ Medallions
9. Green Hornet Theme- Al Hirt
10. White Rabbit- The Jefferson Airplane

The Curtis Mayfield song will get some company when the Curtis Mayfield box set my lovely wife ordered me arrives.

I can never hear White Rabbit anymore without being reminded of that scene in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas where Raoul Duke's attorney is demanding that Raoul Duke drop the radio into the bathtub and electrocute him when White Rabbit peaks. Turns out that the grapefruits that room service brought up came in handy.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

White Rabbit was one of the first songs that I remember being completely enamoured of by the way it builds and builds. Made me a sucker for a building song forever after, it did.

Danny Tagalog said...

Hey - good to hear that you're recovering over that dreadful shock. He's probably willing you on in some way....

Cheers for the Jefferson Airplane heads up - I hadn't actually gone out of my way to listen to them before, despite knowing there was much on offer there. Looked on youtube and found "White Rabbit" - have loved it for years without knowing who it was.

A blinkered Brit.

Bubs said...

Never turn your back on a drug...

Nice reference Johnny. I've needed to get Surrealistic Pillow on CD for a LONG time. Thanks for the reminder.

Erik Donald France said...

Here's to AL Stewart's "On the Border," Bob Dylan, Iggy, Jefferson Airplane and Shocking Blue :->

Who can beat Johnny Yen? It's plain bizarre

Dale said...

So I'm (Nothing But) Flowers and you're Flowers of Evil? Just what's going on here Johnny Yen? I love your lists. I'm trying to place the Green Hornet theme so that's my next stop, to look it up.

Johnny Yen said...

I remember hearing "Somebody to Love" when I was a kid, back when it was a hit-- I rememeber being entranced with Grace Slick's voice. I got into White Rabbit and the rest of the album as a teenager.

Thanks-- I think he is willing us on somehow.

Glad to know that it helped you find White Rabbit's identity!

One good reference deserves another. I have the Criterion release of Fear and Loathing-- a regular release is coming out in a month or two. That was a movie that I was completely ready for it to suck. I should have know better knowing that it was Terry Gilliam directing.

I just got around to getting Surrealistic Pillow on cd myself.

On the Border-- another great song from that album. That's another album I just finally got around to getting on cd. I've always assumed that On the Border was about the Spanish Civil War.