Friday, February 23, 2007

Heavy on the Sixties Friday Random Ten

1. Bad Little Woman- Shadows of Knight
2. Hold On, It's Coming- Country Joe McDonald
3. Pretty As You Feel- Jefferson Airplane
4. You Got the Silver- Rolling Stones
5. You're So Good To Me- Curtis Mayfield
6. Master of Puppets- Metallica
7. Memories Can't Wait- Living Color
8. Chest Fever- The Band
9. Night Time- The Strangeloves
10. Politics of Dancing- Re-Flex

One More:
The Word- The Recreational Bones

1. Local boys-- from Arlington Heights-- not far from where the bloggers are meeting tonight! Best known for their cover of Van Morrison's "Gloria." This is from the Nuggest collection, which appears with startling frequency on my Random Tens.
2. Country Joe McDonald's take on the sixties-- that though not all the changes happened yet, hold on, it's coming.
3. Great smoky tune.
4. The Stones in their prime. One of the all-time great album covers, too.
5. From the awesome Curtis Mayfield Box Set that my wife got me for Christmas.
6. The only Metallica I have in on my itunes-- downloaded it after hearing it in the movie Old School-- great scene!
7. The first Living Color song I ever heard-- a cover of a Talking Heads tune.
8. One of the great Hammond Organ songs ever.
9. The same Strangeloves that did the original of "I Want Candy." Another one from the Nuggets collection.
10. "All of the politicians/Turned into deejays...." One of my eighties fave raves.

One more-- digitized this from a 45-- the "Bones" were friends of mine at Eastern Illinois University. They opened for the Uptown Rulers at their final show at Ted's Warehouse-- the Bones' singer Gary Hicks had been in the Rulers at one time. This song has got one of the best and silliest lines ever in a song: "Lust has been incurred..."


kim said...

I didn't buy your Curtis Mayfield for Christmas. I bought it for you after Christmas, just because you needed to check it off your list.

Phil said...

Goat's Head Soup, a very underrated album.

Natalie said...

While I knew most of the artists on your list, I didn't know most of the songs (only "you're so good to me" and "master of puppets"). That means that I don't know as much about 60s music as I think I do. I also love Living Color and even have a Vernon Reid solo album but don't know that cover, and it isn't like I don't know plenty of Talking Heads. Boo me.

GETkristiLOVE said...

I once lived in Arlington Heights, believe it or not. It was '85 I think, the year it rained for two weeks straight and Des Plaines was underwater. I packed up my shit and moved to Phoenix!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Wow, you've got some old classics happening there. Nice touch.

Johnny Yen said...

Excuse me-- the box set you bought me two days after Christmas. I stand corrected.

Wow-- I just looked at the playlist and it's got a couple of my favorites of theirs, including "Angie." I'm inclined to agree.

The Talking Heads original is from Fear of Music, my favorite Talking Heads album. The Shadows of Knight song is pretty obscure-- it's from a Rhino Records collection called Nuggets-- a collection of garage rock from the sixties.

Wait, that was the year the racetrack burned down. When did you move out of town?

Did you ever go to Chin's restaurant, downtown there? It was the family business of my son's mother's family.

Right around that time, there were alternating summers of drought and excessive rain and consequent flooding. There's an old saying in Chicago-- if you don't like the weather, wait 15 minutes-- it'll change.

Thanks-- looking at that list, you'd think I mostly stopped buying music around 1970.

JimC said...

Gary and other 'Bones were friends of ours as well at Eastern. Found your site as I was searching for my digitized copy of "The Word" also. Can't find either "Fishin'" or "Good Man" either. Pissing me off. Enjoying your site. Jim.