Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Favorite Things-- the K's Have It

I thought I'd have a hand at the meme that's been making the rounds: figuring out your favorite things, given a letter. I wasn't given a letter, so I thought I'd use the first letter of my middle name, "Kent."

Krispies-- I don't like most cereal, but I love Rice Krispies, especially in the form of Rice Krispy treats.

Kitfo-- a delicious Ethiopian steak tartare-- raw beef, marinated in butter and herbs.

Kennedy-- specifically Robert Kennedy. He was an amazing guy. After spending a lot of his childhood in the shadow of his brother John, he served as John Kennedy's Attorney General. He showed great growth as a person; in the fifties, he served as counsel for the onerous politcal thug Senator Joe McCarthy, but a few years later was pushing his brother to support civil rights. After his brother's death, he emerged a profoundly changed man, and ran in 1968 for the Democratic Party's nomination for President, opposing the Vietnam War. I often wonder what the country had been like if he'd not been assasinated.

Kimchi or Kimchee-- basically, Korean sauerkraut. The spicier the better!

Looking it up, I discovered that there's a kimchi museum in Seoul, South Korea!

Kentucky Rain-- Elvis had a big hit with this one in 1970-- long one of my favorites. It mysteriously became my son's favorite song after I had an encounter with the King.

I didn't know, until reading Eddie Rabbit's obit a few years ago, that he'd written the song. And looking it up in Wikipedia, I discovered that Ronnie Milsap, then an unknown session musician, played piano on the song.

Ketchup.-- I'm at an age where all my vices are turning out to be virtues. Red wine, coffee, and tea have all turned out to be good for you. And now my favorite condiments, mustard and ketchup have joined the ranks. The turmeric in mustard and the lycopene in ketchup

And of course, the most important "K's" in my life...

My kids and Kim, my wife.


Flannery Alden said...

Oh my God! Eddie Rabbit is dead?!? I had no idea.

I'm with you on the ketchup and mustard. Mmmm...thank goodness their good for you.

Erik Donald France said...

"all my vices are turning out to be virtues" -- great title. Good Ks all around, certainly much better than the KKK ;)

Dale said...

I was shocked about Eddie Rabbitt as well and had to look it up. That's sad. Although I enjoyed the list Johnny Yen. I always learn things over here!!

Bubs said...

I don't usually think of kimchee and cold Kentucky rain together...but they're two of my favorites also!

kim said...

I don't like Kentucky Rain, or kimchee, or Ketchup.

But I like our Kids and Kim, so I forgive you.

GETkristiLOVE said...

...and Kristi!

Natalie said...

Kimchee is so incredibly delicious. I love spiciy.

Johnny Yen said...

Yeah-- I was bummed. Loved his music.

And of course, if ketchup and mustard weren't goof for us, we'd stop using them, wouldn't we...

It's up there with "What were once vices are now habits"-- the name of an old Doobie Brothers album.

Certainly better than those twits. I saw a Ramones documentary recently and they alluded to "The KKK Took My Baby Away" to being Joey's swipe at Johnny, who was a staunch Republican and did indeed steal away Joey's lady love.

I've been a contestant in a celebrity Dead Pool for nearly ten years now, so I'm always on top of celebrity deaths.

There are certain treats I discovered late in life, like kimchee, lox and bluegrass music that I wonder how I ever got by without them.

Well, we can't all be perfect, can we?


I actually thought about that after I posted. I should have added you and Katie Schwartz, a couple of my favorite bloggers.

It is indeed. My wife laughs, but I have maybe 20 different hot sauces on my shelves, and am always trying new ones. My wife's best friend Palette and I were having a discussion about hot sauces. Have you ever tried Marie Sharpe's? It's got scotch bonnet peppers, carrots, onions, key limes and sea salt, and is my favorite hot sauce.

barista brat said...

oh man, you just gave me a kimchee craving!

Dave said...

Kjack daniels is good too.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I would stab somebody for some kimchee right now. Seriously.

I love your Elvis story - hahaha!