Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A New Blogging Buddy

Big news today-- through guile, flattery, lies and bribery-- okay, no bribery-- I've convinced my old friend and fellow punk rockin' parent Ron to start blogging. He's blogging now at Dead Spot On the Web.

If you ask him real nice, maybe even nag him, he might share some of his secrets, like the Top Ten Reasons it's better to worship ex-Bauhaus singer Peter Murphy than God. Or how he scammed our university into footing the bill for his internet access twenty some years ago. Or how he blew the lid off of the Iran-Contra Scandal. Okay, I'm lying out my ass about the last one. But he seems to believe he has nothing to say. But hey, didn't Seinfeld get like ten years out of a show about nothing? It'll be a cinch to blog about nothing. And Ron's a lot funnier than Seinfeld. And his musical taste is way better.

1 comment:

Erik Donald France said...

Oh yeah -- Peter Murphy is cool! I'll check it out.

As for Iran-Contra, boy, there's some crazy stories. . . . .