Thursday, April 05, 2007


My friend Andreas lives with his wife Lynn in a pretty little duplex in a neighborhood called Georgetown. Georgetown was the first part of Seattle to get settled by Europeans. It is now on the edge of an industrial area. It had been a rough little neighborhood until a few years ago, but is increasingly becoming inhabited by artsy types.

It's a short walk from their home to the little patch of Georgetown where all the cool little places are, including Fantagraphics Comics headquarters and store. Fantagraphics produced my favorite-ever comic, Peter Bagge's "Hate," which was about the adventures of Seattle uber-slacker Buddy. They also publish Love and Rockets, and are currently publishing R. Crumb.

We hung out at All City Coffee sipping coffee, as the airplanes from nearby Boeing Field nearly scraped the tops of our heads. The neighborhood is in the flight paths of not one, but two airports.

They love this neighborhood, but may not be living here much longer. They put in a bid on this house overlooking Puget Sound.


Mob said...

Nice pics! I love the Fantagraphics store-front.

Bubs said...

Wow. That place on Puget sound looks wonderful.

I love those old industrial neighborhoods too, though. Glad you're enjoying your trip!