Sunday, March 11, 2007

I'm Worth a Million In Prizes

I've seen Iggy Pop perform twice, both in 1988. I saw him once with roommates Mark and Dan and some other friends at the Cabaret Metro, which was a two minute walk from our Wrigleyville apartment, and later, in the summer with the Ramones and the Dickies at the infamous Aragon Ballroom (aka the Aragon Brawlroom). He kicked ass in nine different ways both times.

So what's even better than seeing Iggy perform again? Try seeing the Ig perform with all the original surviving Stooges. It gets even better: former Minuteman and Firehose bassist Mike Watt is filling in for the late bassist Dave Alexander.

I'll be seeing Iggy and the reconsituted Stooges on April 15 at the Congress Theater, here in Chicago. I bought my ticket online last night after talking to Dan, who had already gotten his ticket. It'll be a busy concert week-- Kim and I are seeing Lucinda Williams, something we've wanted to do since we met, at the Vic Theater the night before that.

Remember the story that went around in the eighties about the ridiculous riders on Van Halen's concert contracts? I think it was something like removing the brown M and M's in the post-concert buffett. Well, Smoking Gun got ahold of Iggy's funny, stream-of-conciousness concert rider:


JR's Thumbprints said...

Not to dis the Igster, but let me know what you think of Lucinda Williams; she's been around for quite some time herself.

Bubs said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Stooges show! You might see the whole family there next month--I just got to check the schedule and the finances tomorrow.

lulu said...

OH my GOD, that contract is beyond funny!

I was at the show with the Ramones. Actually, I was at the show with TenS, seeing the Ramaones, and the Dickies, and Iggie of course, and someone getting knifed on the stairs. It was an intense show.

Mob said...

Holy God, the rider was like a stand-up routine.

The Ig and Mike Watt as well? That's awesome, I expect a full report.

kim said...

I saw him in 1990 at First Avenue in Minneapolis. He is a very scary skinny little man who when people say he is sexy freaks me out.

I saw Mike Watt in the mid '90's. I fell asleep.

But, I know you will have an awesome time.

Skylers Dad said...

Oh thanks a lot, I have just spent my entire morning laughing at the contract instead of working. Now I am behind and I blame you and you have to come help me finish work or I will be fired and have to get a job finding all that shit for Iggy...

Amy Guth said...

I eagerly await your blog-report of every sordid detail starting first thing in the morning on April 16th.

Palette said...

I saw Iggy when he was on tour with that weird metal band from Brooklyn (circa 1998 or so).

It sucked so horribly that I decided that the Iggster was better off a figment of some lost drug fueled dream.
you can sometimes never go home again

busterp said...

Good lyric. It's a regular on XRT playlist. Never get sick of it.

Nice concert combo. I've never seen either but like them both.

I remember Iggy guesting on Nick's Pete and Pete a few years ago. Funny guy.

Erik Donald France said...

I must see them!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was set to see them a few years ago the day we had the Great Blackout in Detroit and all around. But I did get to see the Ig back in the 80s as well. Jane's Addiction opened at one venue -- what ever happened to them, anyway?

Anyone dare to get The Weirdness yet? I will this week sometime.

vikkitikkitavi said...

I got backstage at a Pretenders/Stooges concert once in the 80s due to a heavy flirtation with the caterer. As I was being walked through to my seat for the show, I kept my eyes peeled for Chrissie. Instead, I see Iggy walk by, like 10 feet away, for some reason I can't really explain, I yelled "IIIIGGGGYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEE!!!!"

He turned to me and saluted. Awesome.

Johnny Yen said...

Will do!

That would be fun to see you guys. Hope you can make it!

I missed the knifing on the stairs. I'd just gotten the cast off from my motorcycle accident, and was busy trying to avoid having the crowd step on my still-swollen foot.

I remember that the Ramones sucked-- it was right before Deedee left, and they were fighting even more than usual. The Ig was great, but the Dickies stole the show-- remember the schlong puppet on the singers arm, singing the old Who song "Feel Me?" Classic.

I will file a full report the next day!

That place must have been packed-- it's even smaller than the Metro, where I saw him in 1988.

Skyler's Dad-
I'd say go for the job as Iggy's Scavenger Hunt guy. The pay's probably not too good, but I'm sure it's more fun.

I will recall the lurid details that morning.

Hey, it's the Ig!

I was reading up on him in the IMDB and saw that. Did you ever see the movie "Snow Day?" It wasn't all that funny, but Iggy was great as a deranged ice rink deejay.

You gotta see him in his hometown!

Back in the eighties, he opened for a couple of big arena bands-- I think the Who and Santana. People were booing him, and he told them to fuck off-- he was going to finish his set.

I have't heard the new record yet.

Didn't Jane's Addiction have a reunion tour recently?

You GO girl!