Friday, March 09, 2007

Random 10 With a Mulligan

I took a Mulligan on my Friday Random 10 today; a couple of years ago I downloaded Journey singer Steve Perry's song "Oh Sherry" for an old teaching colleague and forgot to delete it. Joni Mitchell's a much better beginning.

1. Help Me- Joni Mitchell
2. Ain't That a Kick In the Head- Dean Martin
3. Without Love- Tom Jones
4. Indian Reservation- Paul Revere and the Raiders
5. Sweet Maxine- The Doobie Brothers
6. Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)
7. Sweet Child 'O Mine- Guns 'n' Roses
8. I Got Loaded- Los Lobos
9. Version Girl- UB40
10. She Is Beyond Good and Evil- The Pop Group

1. This was Joni Mitchell's only Top Ten Single. The B-Side of the single, "Free Man in Paris" was about music mogul David Geffen.
2. Note to self: more Rat Pack on the Random 10's
3. "See Tom Jones perform" is still unfulfilled on my list of life goals. My grandmother would never miss his show in the late sixties and early seventies.
4. In Plaster Caster, legendary groupie Cynthia Plastercaster recounts losing her virginity to Paul Revere and the Raiders' singer Mark Lindsay in the Congress Hotel. Ewwww.
5. From when the Doobies were still an actual rock band (pre Michael McDonald)
6. From Marvin Gaye's masterpiece, "What's Going On." His messages about war, the environment and the despair of ghetto life are as current as they were in 1971 when he released the album.
7. I'll blog sometime about Axl Rose trying to pick a fight with me in a Chicago bar. Seriously.
8. I had no idea this was a cover until I heard the zydeco original.
9. Isn't it time for "Red, Red Wine" to be a hit again?
10. From the great "No Thanks" collection, a box set of 1970's punk. People associate punk with the 80's, but most of the really good stuff actually came out between 1976 and 1979.


dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, like so great to see a Dinosong on your list....and your note to self that you need to play more Rat Pack. Never was, never will be anyone as cool as the King of Cool. Oh, to return to the days when Dino walked the earth.

kim said...

So sad, former husband was friends with Nick Toshes who wrote the greatest Dino biography of all times. He said at the end of his life, he just sat in a little bar in somwhere around Hollywood and was drunk and had Alzheimers. Not a pretty combo.

Mr. Yen, while I dread the Axl Rose story being told for the 10th time, the thought of you driving down Pulaski in your truck listening to sweet child of mine is strangely erotic.

Danny Tagalog said...

There's always one in there that doesn't fit so obviously - and this week it's The Pop Group. I'm gonna put them on now. Cheers fir the reminder!

Natalie said...

Once again a great list. I can't wait to here more about Axl Rose trying to fight you, sorry Kim. It sounds hilarious.

Chris said...

Everyone deserves a mulligan every once in a while. I remember the video for that song - pure cheeze!

Erik Donald France said...

Hard to beat "Inner City Blues."

Grant Miller said...

I hope you kicked Axl Rose's ass. Or what's left of it.

Dale said...

Well played, particularly on the mulligan. Joni beats Journey on any trip.

Toccata said...

Joni Mitchell is always a great way to start a list. Oh my gosh I can't escape Dean Martin this week. 668 also had a Dean Martin son on her list.

Malnurtured Snay said...

Paul Revere? The guy with the warning?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I firmly believe that mulligans are allowed. Every computer has some music files that should never have been there in the first place.

Bubs said...

Great list! I'm all in favor of the "more Rat Pack" note.

And Tom Jones, live, is one of life's great music experiences. If possible, try and see him in the MGM showroom in Las Vegas--it's a small venue and there are no bad seats. It's very retro, plush red booths with little tables, great sound and sight lines. Order a bottle of champagne to the table. It's swanky as hell.

busterp said...

4 reminds me of Leonard Cohen and Janis (more so than Nico).

7 sounds like an interesting story(like the S Crow version).

4 His song Chelsea Hotel is not only a remembrance of past loves with the likes of Janis Joplin or Nico, it's also a declaration of love towards the hotel: I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel/ You were taking so brave and so free/ Giving me head on the unmade bed/ While the limousines wait in the street/

copied from:

Ate, Nine. Gotta love the Los Lobos and UB40.

Johnny Yen said...

He was great, wasn't he?

I remember reading the review of the book a couple of years back-- they said that the alcoholic thing was a put-on, until the end-- the death of his son in a Nevada Air National Guard jet destroyed him.

You'd probably love the "No Thanks!" set.

I will, despite Kim's protests....

I think we all need a few mulligans in our life.

I'm a big fan of Marvin Gaye. I'll write in the very near future about a very eerie incident that happened when I found out he died.

I would have, except for the two Godzilla-sized bodyguards he had with him. More on that later.

Definitely. Her Hejira album is one of my favorites.

I remember being in Kindergarten, and "Everybody Loves Somebody" was a hit, and I remember we were always singing it in my classroom.

No, but he dressed like him-- that was their schtick.

At least I knew how that got there. Ocasionally there'll be songs that I have no idea how they got there-- I must have been drinking or something.

Kim and I have talked about doing the "old Vegas"-- staying in one of the last remaining of the old shag-carpetted, cheesy strip motels. Wayne Newton, Tom Jones, the whole deal. The family-friendly Vegas has no allure for me. Your agenda sounds great!

I love Chelsea Hotel, and Leonard Cohen in general. I've heard it's specifically about Janis Joplin. I love the line "We are ugly, but we have the music...."

Another Chelsea Hotel song reference: Bob Dylan's song Sara, on Desire: "Staying up for days/In the Chelsea Hotel/Writing 'Sad-eyed Lady of the Lowlands' for you..."

I've never heard Sheryl Crow's version-- I'll have to look for it. Yes, it is an amusing story.

I've got to keep my promise to myself to see Los Lobos this year.