Saturday, March 03, 2007

I Won't Have to Go To Rehab After Using the Word "Asshole."

For the life of me, I can't figure out how conservatives pick their heroes. When a whackjob like Al Sharpton jumps on the liberal train, we all sort of keep him at an arm's length-- we're liberals-- we kind of have to accept everybody, even if we don't like him.

But conservatives embrace the most bizarre people. David Koresh was a guy who was having sex with children, and kept bombs and machine guns in his compound (the ATF agents that he and his people murdered were trying to serve a warrant for illegal weapons). He gunned down 4 Federal agents in cold blood, and bizarre conspiracy theories notwithstanding, apparently burned dozens of people to death rather than be arrested. And yet he's a big poster boy for the right.

Then there's Anne Coulter. When I first heard her statements, I thought that maybe she was a political Andrew Dice Clay-- making fun of the right by spouting bizarre, outrageous anti-liberal comments. But it's apparent that she believes the shit she shovels.

My friend Jim just emailed me this-- an article and a C-SPAN clip of Anne Coulter at an appearance before the American Conservative Union, who, when asked about Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards stated:

"I was going to have a few comments on the other Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, but it turns out you have to go into rehab if you use the word ‘faggot,’ so I — so kind of an impasse, can’t really talk about Edwards."

Here's a link to the actual clip:

Truth be told, when I saw Coulter on Letterman's show a few months ago, I wondered if her bizarre behavior was mental illness-- her statements and behavior remind me of my brother's wife, who has severe bipolar disorder, or the destructive manic behavior of some of my heroes who suffered from bipolar disorder, like folk singer Phil Ochs or activist Abby Hoffman-- behavior that alienated them from friends and followers, as they grew increasingly difficult to contend with.

But you'll notice the behavior of the crowd-- they cheered.

In 1992, I remember watching, on television, the infamous Pat Buchanan speech at the Republican Convention where he spouted bizarre far-right crap. As the crowd cheered, I remember turning to my roommate and telling him "Oh. My. God. The Democrats are going to win the election." I had the same feeling watching that clip.

The Republicans continue to be hijacked by a group of Third World Style kleptocrats who, every election, bait and switch the religious Right for support. I think that we can safely say that the Republicans have alienated a good chunk of their mainstream, who simply want lower taxes and safe streets. Bless you Anne Coulter for hastening that along. And please wait until December, 2008 to get help.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's certainly heartening when the crazies help to bring about political change, but not in the manner they expected.

One of my favourite musicians who is also very interested in geopolitics, Matt Good, brings a talking Ann Coulter doll with him on tour and treats the audience to some of her gems of wisdom. He also brings along Paris Hilton's book and will read snippets from that. They both make the same amount of sense.

Amy Guth said...

Oy, that woman. How can you sleep at nght, being that rotten of a gal?

Erik Donald France said...

Right on - Anne Coulter either has mental illness as you suggest, or is on a lot of drugs, or both. She ain't right in the head any more than the rest of the Right.

Koresh was a bizarro, certainly, but everybody in TX owns guns -- could have been handled better on all sides. I've been to the spot outside Waco, the Double E Ranch --eerie.

Phil said...

I had a friend in L.A. that loved her, believed everything she said or wrote. He considered, Treason, to be an accurate and thorough history of the 20th century (It's like, 300 pages. Tops. Very thorough.), he also believed that dinasaurs lived about 4000 years ago along side man. Crazy. I know. But my point is, I could never debate him because I couldn't believe anyone listened to her. At best she is a hack, playing a role for money, at worst, she should be tried for inciting violence through hate speech.

He really wasn't a bad guy either. Funny story, I was reading, Wonderboys, during a slow time at work, he walks up to me and says, "You should try some nonfiction sometime. Like the Bible." Man, I thought that was HILARIOUS!! I laughed and laughed...until I realized, he was serious.

Just found this review of Treason while thinking of this topic.

"The book is well written and makes a lively read. It is thought provoking and well documented. Liberals will probably instinctively reject the book's thesis, but, thanks to the clear arguements and supporting research in this book, it will be harder for them to dismiss the Conservative position out of hand as the Liberals did during the McCarthy and Vietnam eras."

Palette said...

As the mother of a bipolar human being, I resent this free reeling supposition that all those who do not agree with certain politics and speak their minds must be mentally ill. Bipolar disorder, while often characterized by inappropriate and compulsive speech,among other things is a more complicated disease than most people can grasp. Coulter's words are calculated and unidimensional, someone suffering from bipolar disorder and engaged in an active manic state usually cannot organize their thoughts and drifts from subject to subject in a random way.

She's trite, vicious and we do not agree with her; this does not make her bipolar.

Johnny Yen said...

Wow- that is right-- a couple of blondes that live delusional lives.

I think that the wealth her sleazy ways have brought her probably ease the pain.

Some kind of mental illness or drunken behavior seemed to me the only explanation, but in the end it does seem willful.

The Waco raid was poorly executed, for sure, but there's a denial on the right about Koresh. I remember the anger I felt about the four ATF agents who were killed-- Koresh's people ambushed them. Yet, I've had right wingers completely deny that there were any law enforcement officers killed; complete amnesia.

That's scary about your friend! It takes a lot of work to live in that kind of denial!

The excerpts I've read of the book were full of half-truths and putting of things out of context.

Maybe I need to clarify. My connection was between one person's behavior, Coulter's, and that of my brother's wife, who has been diagnosed with severe bi-polar disorder. Her speech and statements seemed at first, as I stated, like someone who is delusional and paranoid, like my brother's wife. There are lots of conservatives I disagree with, without thinking that they may have bipolar disorder--including, in the end, Coulter. I guess I thought that the title would make that clear.

The reason I said "at first" is that after seeing her on the Letterman show I realized that her behavior is, as you pointed out, deliberate and consistent. I understand all too well how the disease works, as it's affected my brother's family's lives so drastically. But in the end, Coulter is an asshole, not mentally ill.

A Voice of Reason said...

Ann Coulter's comments were tawdry to say the least, and sadly she got what she wanted, attention.

However, in fairness, the comments of the hard left are equally reprehensible.

Whatever happened to civility?

tkkerouac said...

just wanted to let you know that I love your thumbnail.

kim said...

Yeah, his wife loves his thumbnail too, towelgirl!

JR's Thumbprints said...

I have to agree with Palette on this one; Ann Coulter does not have bipolar disorder. With that said, the conservatives pick their heroes by controlling the media and hijacking elections. I'm surprised the Shrub's name didn't come up in your post. Where's those weapons of mass destruction?

Bubs said...

Best quote about that Buchanan speech in 1992, I think it was from Molly Ivins:

"It probably sounded better in the original German."

Coulter is, by various accounts, a notoriously slutty "fag hag." Or a transvestite--check out her adams apple some time.

themom said...

Loved your comments. Samurai Frog steered me to your page. The trite twins: Coulter and Hannity, have placed themselves in the media as the ominiscient duo. I cannot tolerate the vile garbage they spew. They prey on weak minded individuals (such as Koresh, Jones and many more). I'm glad I am NOT one of those weakminded individuals. At least we all blogged about the viper. To bubs - i've noted the adams apple for a long time.

Coaster Punchman said...

God, it's even worse than I thought.

Phil said...

Very funny blog post about ann coulter. Warning: The humor is rather blue.

Grant Miller said...

She's a drunk or a coke head. Probably both.

Natalie said...

I couldn't help but laughing when I saw the clip. I was sure she had to be some sort of sick comedian. I was wrong. I hope the right keeps em coming. It's possible that we may just be "saved" yet.

Beth said...

I cannot begin to spit enough venom to express how much I hate Ann Coulter.