Friday, March 02, 2007

Random 10 For Another Three Day Weekend.

Bless Casamir Pulaski. A skilled military commander, he led Polish partisans against Russian Imperialists in the 1700's. He was recruited by the French aristocrat Lafayette to help the American Revolution. He died at the Battle of Savannah in 1777. There's a street in Chicago named after him that runs the entire length of the city.

But the most important thing he ever did, was to give me and all other Chicago city workers this Monday off. It is by far my favorite "teacher holiday."

1. Games People Play- The Spinners
2. Who Do You Love- The Woolies
3. I'm No Angel- Gregg Allman
4. Levon- Elton John
5. All This Love- Debarge
6. Nineteen- The Old 97's
7. Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)- Melanie
8. Pillow Talk- Sylvia
9. Particle Man- They Might Be Giants
10. There's a Moon in the Sky (Called the Moon)- The B-52's

1. Love the Spinners! I still have the vinyl copy of the Spinners' "Best of" album that my dorm buddy T-Mo lent me in college 24 years ago. I'll return it the next time I see him. And whoever I lent "London Calling" to-- don't worry about returning it. I bought the cd.
2. A cover of the Bo Diddley classic. As always, a track from the Rhino "Nuggets" garage rock collection has shown up in my Friday Random 10. Not that it's a bad thing...
3. My theme song, apparently
4. Discovered this album, "Madman Across the Water," when I lived in Salt Lake City eight lifetimes ago.
5. An eighties little pop number, but I still like it. The beautiful classical guitar break in the middle was played by Jose Feliciano.
6. This song has got one of my favorite-ever lines in a song:

Yeah I was only 19
I finished up with high school
Headed to a state school
Wandered into you

7. Looking up the lyrics to this song I discovered that it was about Melanie playing at Woodstock. I also found that the gospel group the Edwin Hawkins Singers, who had a big hit around the same time with "Oh Happy Day," an old favorite of mine, sang the chorus.
8. I've always wondered if Sylvia looks as sexy as she sounds in this song. I wondered the same thing about the Romeo Void singer ("I might like you better if we slept together...") with disasterous results.
9. New rule: a TMBG song should show up on my Friday Random 10 every week.
10. Greatest song title ever, from one of the great debut albums ever.


Natalie said...

We get 99% of all public school holidays off at work. Unfortunately, Pulaski day is not one of them. It makes me sad because I would really like to stay home. I certainly agree that TMBG should always be around.

vikkitikkitavi said...

#4 - I love this song and the whole album. BTW, Alvin Tostig has got to be the most incongruous fictional name in a song, ever. WTF, Bernie Taupin?

Toccata said...

Levon, memories of when Elton John was good. I also liked his Funeral for a Friend album. I like all your little notations that accompany your list. I am so not a Gregg Allman fan. I don't really know his music but somebody posted a video and I had to ditch out part way through because it hurt my spine and made me want to cry out in pain.

Tenacious S said...

One of the Debarge members sexually assaulted one of my friends. I don't think I like them.

lulu said...

TMBG shows up on many of my lists. God I love them.

Pulaski Day is probably my favorite teacher day as well. I have an excitement-filled day of laundry and chores.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Happy Pulaski Day! Or is it Merry Pulaski Day?

Your lists without fail always give m3 a little "I haven't heard that song is ages, what a nice touch" moment. And you certainly came through today.

Johnny Yen said...

That sucks! Everybody should get Pulaski Day off.

More TMBG!

Yeah, whenever I hear a song from the album, I get the urge to put the whole album on.

Thanks! Every song is some little part of my life.

I love the Allman Brothers-- I'm a bit of a shit-kicker at heart. I think maybe they're an acquired taste.

I'm sorry to hear that.

You have some sway with the Johns-- can't you get them to show up on my Random Tens more often?

Hey-- Pulaski Day= a Monday we don't have to go in to work; a day to sleep in; the possibility of a fun-filled Sunday night. One of the things I miss from when I worked solely as a waiter was that my nights out were not other peoples' amateur night. I miss going out on Sunday nights.

Merry, Happy-- whatever it is, it's a day off!

I'm glad you enjoyed that. I've come to realize that I haven't listened to enough new music basically since my son was born-- been busy with so much drama and such-- now that life has settled down, I'm trying to listen to more new stuff. Between the reviews of yourself and a couple other bloggers, and satellite radio, I'm doing pretty well.

Dale said...

I'm with you on the B-52s and the Oh Happy Day mention in your comments Johnny. Your lists are always great.

So it's you who discovered the Madman Across The Water album? Cool! :-)