Monday, March 12, 2007

She Who Laughs Last...

A few days ago, blogger Erik was posting about "blind pigs"-- illegal after hours taverns-- and the Playboy After Dark show. He had a picture on the post that bordered on the surreal. I immediately recognized Sammy Davis, Jr. and Jerry Lewis. The third guy in the picture I wasn't so sure-- but I'm pretty certain it was Ike Turner.

Back when I was rooming with my old friend Dobie, he had the opportunity to interview Ike Turner for Jet Magazine. Ike was a pretty sorry sight. Decades of drug addiction and bad career management had left him with, in the colloquial, "not a pot to piss in."

When my friend asked him about Tina Turner's allegations that he had physically abused her, his response was an unrepentant "Yeah, I hit the b*tch."

Let's see, Ike-- when she left you and your abuse, she had nothing. She resurrected her career in the 1980's with her "Private Dancer" album. She's now a respected, sought-after performer, worth millions and millions of dollars. She lives in Zurich, Switzerland with her much-younger wealthy Swiss boyfriend. She still looks fabulous, despite having to have her nose reconstructed as a result of your assaults.

And you are a broken-down, broke old has-been.

But hey, I guess you really showed her, didn't you, Ike?


yournamehere said...

I love the rare occurrence of actual justice.

Johnny Yen said...

Pretty sweet, isn't it?

Erik Donald France said...

Rare, indeed. That is a cool pic. Tina is great; Ike had his day and certainly blew it with Tina.

Johnny Yen said...

Of course it's a great pic-- I stole it from your blog! Is that indeed Ike Turner?