Friday, March 30, 2007

On the Edge of Spring Break Random 10

It's Friday. It's payday. It's the last day before Spring Break. It's all good.

1. Isn't It a Pity- George Harrison
2. I Fought the Law- The Clash
3. Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You- Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons
4. I Love Livin' In the City- Fear
5. Who Knows Where the Time Goes- Fairport Convention
6. Come Girl- Joe Strummer and the Mescaleroes
7. Up Around the Bend- Creedence Clearwater Revival
8. Let It Rock- Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
9. On a Night Like This- Bob Dylan
10. Air- Talking Heads

One More: Brilliant Mind- Furniture

1. My second-favorite George Harrison solo song, after "My Sweet Lord."
2. A great Clash cover of the Bobby Fuller 4 song.
3. I always think of the scene in "The Deer Hunter" when I hear this song.
4. From the "No Thanks!" collection of '70's punk.
5. Sandy Denny's achingly beautiful voice is the highlight of this gem. She sang on "Battle of Evermore" on Led Zeppelin's 4th album (the one with Stairway to Heaven).
6. Man, I wish Joe Strummer was still around lately.
7. I read somewhere that Creedence's records frequently outsold the Beatles' records.
8. From "Live Bullet," arguably the best live record (how's that for a contradiction in terms) ever.
9. Another one from the great "Biograph" box set. Originally on "Planet Waves."
10. From "Fear of Music," my favorite Talking Heads record.

One more-- I somehow missed this little pearl when it first came out-- heard it one day on the "New Wave" cable station.


deadspot said...

When I was getting ready to leave for work this morning I had "I Love Living In The City" suddenly pop into my head. The whole rest of the time I was at home making my lunch I was trying to remember what CD I had it on so I could get it onto my iPod later.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I still miss Joe Strummer too, and oddly, I had a song from Streetcore on my playlist today as well. Must be a message from Joe.

Erik Donald France said...

Yeah that sucks about Joe Strummer. Man. Good list -- I used to have the CCR records, about six albums. Still more to mine with them. "I Fought the Law" is awesome -- Lou Reed speaks about it, I think on "Dirt."

Skylers Dad said...

4 seasons! Now that's what I'm talking about, I am kind of old school like that.

You should check out the song called Harmony, it is amazing acappella stuff...

Natalie said...

Have an awesome spring break! Very sice selection today. I'm a little partial to CCR and the Talking Heads myself.

Danielle said...

Happy Spring Break. In Las Vegas we have year round schools so I have one son on spring break for a week and another for a month.

Have a great weekend

Bubs said...

That song Air would be my favorite from that record if the song "Heaven" wasn't on there with it. That's my favorite. On a Night Like This is on e of my favorite underrated Dylan numbers, like "If Not For You."

Dale said...

Enjoy the break! Nice list, haven't heard CCR in a while and I always loved The Clash's version of I Fought The Law over any other.

Danny Tagalog said...

Yeah, Fear Of Music - with that bobbly cover was a fave hand-me-down from my sister. 'Drugs' is pretty interesting too - and 'I Zimbra'. Drat - I don't have a copy here, will have to re-purchase.