Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pick-Off Attempts (or "Why I Had to Wash My Son's Baseball Uniform Twice Last Night")

We had a one o'clock game against the Tigers yesterday. It was a gorgeous almost-summer day, so I made sure to cover up in sunscreen.

This team has been the best, and one of the most fun teams he has been on in five years of little league.

They played terrifically yesterday-- great hitting and great defense. Adam is still working on his hitting, but got on base twice on walks, stole a base and scored two runs.

That wasn't what all the other parents noticed; what they noticed was how many times the other team tried to pick Adam off. It began to get comical-- they tried, by my best guess, 12-15 times. They were unsuccessful, of course-- he stayed on base to score his two runs. At least five times, though, he had to dive into the base to get back. Last night, he had more dirt on his uniform than I'd ever seen. There was even dirt under the waist of the pants.

We won the game 12-4.

And thank god for Shout and Oxiclean.

I had decided to videotape parts of a couple of games this season-- this was one of them. I put together a little montage of the pickoff attempts, his stolen base and his runs. The vid is a little long, about seven minutes.

Today's game was against the White Sox. We won 12-1 today. We're now 6-3.


Anonymous said...

wait-- why can't HE wash up his OWN damned yoonie-form?!

Bubs said...

Nice base running!

lulu said...

It is really amazing how much Adam looks like you.

Anonymous said...

I can tell I'm the only one focused on the wrong thing...

Skylers Dad said...

Did you ever imagine back in your partying days you would ever know what Shout and Oxyclean were? ;^)

'Bubbles' said...

Congrats to Adam! I has to be a thrill to watch him evade the attempts!!

That Oxyclean is good stuff, isn't it? We were using some around here last night, too. But not for a baseball uniform, unfortunately... we would have needed it for the backside only on that one (sigh). I'm so glad the season is over here...

GETkristiLOVE said...

Adam has great form. He looks like a real ball player.

Johnny Yen said...

Big Orange-
I know! It's about time he started working and driving himself places too!

Thanks! The coaches have pointed out how good he is at leading off.

When he was little, people used to kid that I should have DNA tests done to make sure that she was really the mother (you remember that she's asian). She didn't find the joke as funny as I did.

Big Orange-
Oh no you're not!

Did you notice that one time, as he was coming off of third base, the cloud of dust coming off of his uniform?

Skyler's Dad-
Not in a million year, pal!

A few months ago, I got together for dinner with my old friend Tim. Part of the conversation included discussing out Individual Retirement Accounts. Twenty years ago, the conversation would have been which taverns we were going out to after dinner.

Thrilling, yes, and nerve-wracking! I thought his coach was going to have a heart attack!

Thanks! He's got a great set of coaches this year. The head coach was the guy who was coaching third base in the video. Great coach and a great guy-- he's brought out intensity in the kids' play without it ever not being fun. We've had a great time this year.

Tenacious S said...

Good luck to Adam and his team. Bink's team lost in the second round of playoffs, but had a great season. They were like "the Little Engine Who Could." Only a couple of good players and the rest were just kids who loved to play.