Friday, June 08, 2007

Random Ten For a Welcome Friday

The "Alternative" high school I teach at was supposed to close last year. When another alternative high school pulled the plug, we got their contract and reopened at the last minute, two weeks later than all the other Chicago public schools. Hence, we are also ending two weeks later.

As a co-worker just said, "I am so over this place."

But hey-- Bob Dylan and both Elvises (Elvi?) showed up on my Random 10 this morning. Things can't be too bad!

1. No Way- David Gilmour
2. One Track Mind- The Knickerbockers
3. (Feels Like) Heaven- Fiction Factory
4. Mystery Dance- Elvis Costello
5. The Ballad of Lucy Jordan- Marianne Faithful
6. When I Was Young- The Animals
7. Miles From Our Home- The Cowboy Junkies
8. Burning Love- Elvis Presley
9. Glynis- Smashing Pumpkins
10. It Takes a Lot To Laugh, It Takes a Train To Cry- Bob Dylan

1. From a great solo album Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour released in 1978.
2. From the "Nuggets" garage-rock box set
3. I somehow missed this little eighties gem until I heard it on the Comcast "New Wave" cable radio station a couple of years ago.
4. Maybe it's just me, but I thought Elvis Costello was a lot better when he was young and still pissed off about everything.
5. Believe it or not, Marianne Faithful thought about being a nun as a young lass-- until she slept with three of the Rolling Stones.
6. "Pain was more painful/Laughter much louder, yeah/When I was young...."
7. "If I could just connect all these dots/The truth would tumble like a cynic vexed by love..."
8. "'Cause your kisses lift me higher/Like a sweet song of a choir/And light my morning sky/With burning love"
9. From the "No Alternative" benefit album.
10. From "Highway 61 Revisited," one of my "desert island" albums.


Danielle said...

I love old Elvis Costello!!!
Out here we have a combination of 9 months schools and year round schools. So I have one son who is officially off for the summer and the other who has to go until August when he get's a month off before entering the first grade. I can't understand the logic of this system no matter how much I try.

Have a great weekend!

deadspot said...

Yeah, danielle, year round schools are stupid, especially when mixed with conventional calendar schools. I helped kill the idea here.

When we started the study group, there were several teachers who had been lobbied by a year round school special interest group and were pushing it hard. When we finished our research, even the most hardcore year-round advocates had to admit that none of the studies showed any evidence of statistically significant educational advantages to year round school unless they also had badly flawed methodology.

To make matters worse, year round schools increase operating expenses and shorten the life of the school buildings.

When the school board tried to get the study group to develop an implementation plan anyway, the two of us that had opposed the idea from the start resigned, and at the next school board meeting rest of the study group told the school board that they had completed their mandate to study and report on the effects of year round schools and they declined to work on an implementation plan. The plan died there.

One of the big California districts adopted year round school for all of their schools and at the end of the trial period, ALL of the schools that could switched back, and the rest sued the district to let them switch back as well.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Marianne Faithful just played a concert here last week. She had cancelled a few months ago while battling cancer. Good to see her back.