Friday, June 29, 2007

A Soggy Friday Random Ten

For being on "vacation," I've been awfully busy this week. I've got to go downstairs and take one more crack at cleaning up the flood mess. Thank god it's Friday.

1. Crossroads- Cream
2. Since I Fell For You- Lenny Welch
3. Get Off My Cloud- Rolling Stones
4. That's What Dreams Are Made For- Green On Red
5. Drunken Angel- Lucinda Williams
6. Crippled Inside- John Lennon
7. Borstal Breakout- Sham 69
8. Will To Love- Neil Young
9. Starkville City Jail- Johnny Cash
10. Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart- The Coasters

1. Eric Clapton and company's take on the Robert Johnson classic.
2. A sappy sentimental song? Guilty as charged.
3. "I live in an apartment on the 99th floor of my block" I was wishing that when the basement flooded on Tuesday.
4. Great band from the eighties.
5. Lucinda played this one when Kim and I saw her in April.
6. John Lennon at his wry best.
7. From the "No Thanks" 1970's punk set.
8. From "American Stars and Bars," one of my favorite albums.
9. One of Johnny Cash's funniest songs. From the Live at San Quentin" album.
10. From and R and B collection I bought at Starbucks.

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Natalie said...

Growing up I thought the lyric was "get off of my plow," I didn't understand why my parents found that to be funny. It was obviously a song about farming.