Monday, July 09, 2007

A Bumper Sticker I'm Seeing a Lot

I've been seeing this bumper sticker a lot in my neighborhood lately:

Funny-- I haven't seen a "I Support Our President" bumper sticker in ages.


MacGuffin said...

I'd get lynched for that in my neck of the woods or the very least, my tires slashed.

Beth said...

I've seen a similar one:

Jan. 20, 2009:
End of an Error

Bubs said...

Now the problem is, how much more damage can be done by someone who doesn't care about reelection and is convinced he's doing God's will?

Chris said...

I still see a bunch of Bush-Cheney '04 stickers on cars, but I attribute that to people being too lazy to scrape them off their bumpers.

MacGuffin said...

Bubs said...
"Now the problem is, how much more damage can be done by someone who doesn't care about reelection and is convinced he's doing God's will?"

Exactly. A little Iran anyone?

GETkristiLOVE said...

I still see so many Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers - especially in Boulder. But, you know, go figure.

Johnny Yen said...

That sucks.

My parents retired to Tennesse, and have been shocked, after spending most of their lives here in Chicago, what a hold religious fundamentalists and arch-conservatives have down there.

I know. This is where Congress needs to get some cajones and do something. Fortunately it looks like there's a storm brewing in those quarters. For starters, they're moving to cut off funding for Cheney's office because of his refusal to open up his records to them as per the law.

I think around here, people actually bothered to go scrape them off, out of embarassment.

I pray that even these fucktards have the brains to realize that Iran is over five times bigger territory and population-wise than Iraq, and has a pretty good military.

The idiocy of it all is that Iran's young population is rapidly turning against the regime. All we have to do is what we did with the Soviet Union and let it collapse of it's own contradictions and ecomonic problems (which are severe-- they recently had to impose gasoline rationing there-- in a country sitting on top of a lot of the world's petroleum). But we know that the only reason they'd invade is strictly to divert attention.

And in the meantime, because too many troops are tied up in our pointless war in Iraq, the Taliban is resurging in Afghanistan.

My son refuses to take the Kerry/Edwards sign down out of his bedroom window. It's up there right next to his "Obama For Senator" sign, which will do until he can get an "Obama For President" sign.

Johnny Yen said...

Oops-- missed you--

Great bumper sticker-- love the pun!

I know one guy who's happy right now-- Bob Woodward. He's gotten three books out of this administration, and certainly will have at least three more. I've got my friend Jim's "Plan of Attack," about how they lied and set up the war. It's next on my reading queue.