Saturday, July 14, 2007


On June 20th, I posted about a guy near my house who was selling his car and had written the phone number from the inside of the car so that it showed up backwards.

Just to keep you updated: as of yesterday, he still hasn't sold the car.

He may want to reconsider his business model. Or write the phone number the right way.

In the meantime, the remodeling continues. They've got the bathtub, kitchen appliances and cabinets in, though nothing's hooked up. The new bathroom tiles are in, but not grouted yet. It's encouraging to see some progress, though the lack of a kitchen and shower is annoying.

It's a big improvement over this:

I dealt with the last of the flood damage. There was some sad news-- Kim lost some cookbooks. One of them was a family cookbook that had some sentimental value. She also lost some clothes.

I was, however, able to save her Motorhead t-shirt. It was the first gift I ever gave her. I know-- ever the romantic.

I did have one pleasant surprise: my landlord had been wrong. My yearbooks weren't soaked. I found them safe and dry in the plastic bin I stored them in last year.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Lemmy thanks you.

Valerie said...

I'd be super bummed if my yearbooks had been lost in the floor of '05 (my basement also flooeded).

Glad to hear you didn't yours.

I like the new bathroom floor!

Valerie said...

flood of '05

Skylers Dad said...

Nice looking remodel! And bully for having the yearbooks somewhere safe. Mine are in a cardboard box... geeez

cheer34 said...

Love the bathroom floor. Kitchen cabinets are beautiful too! How come your remodel isn't taking as long as GKL's did, is?

Glad to know your yearbooks are safe. Do your kids ever get them out and look through them?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Maybe the car seller should write that he is considering droppping the price, but I guess that would be even more confusing to read backward. Thanks for keeping us updated - we've been worrying about him.

The reno looks like it is coming along well! Won't it be lovely to have fresh new grout in the bathroom?

Mob said...

Good news about the yearbooks and the renovations!

I can identify with your excitement aboutnew bathrooms, the ones here are quite dated, the new house will be much more what we've been wanting.

Dale said...

Excellent news about the books. Call HGTV to finish up, they're usually done in under an hour.

GETkristiLOVE said...

I can't believe you;re even able to keep your sanity without a kitchen and/or bathroom. I have very little patience for such disarray.

But then again, I have little patience for almost anything.

kim said...

Mr. Yen has the patience, I do not.

'Bubbles' said...

Glad your plastic boxes saved you! Yep, after a couple of wet basements I started putting everything in those clear plastic boxes!! They don't hold up to Arizona heat, tho!

Andi said...

Which reminds me, I need to pack up my yearbooks!

Glad things are moving along. Love that bathroom floor tile.

sv said...

Cleary your landlord's not doing enough in the remodel--you should be using a camp stove and health club showers for at least 10 weeks (or moving to your girlfriend's condo for the duration). Congrats on the yearbooks

Johnny Yen said...

A friend of mine actually hung out with Lemmy at the Exit, a punk bar here in Chicago. Said he was a nice guy.


We were sad that they had to tear out the old ceramic tile floor, but were pleased to see that they replaced it with the same.

Now if they could only get around to installing our shower...

I was ready to part with them if I had to, but I was relieved that they were okay. I think I'll show them to my kids soon.

I think that Kristi and SV's renovation is a lot more extensive than ours. Our place is not huge.

It will be nice to have a new bathroom-- the old one was decripit-- the medicine cabinet was rusted, the crappy plastic tiles were falling off (and had been melted accidentally under the sink, presumably by a drunken plumber with a blowtorch) and the sink and tub were so worn and stained that you couldn't get them clean.


Glad to know your move is imminent. You should post some pics after the move.

I know, WTF? And on the Brady Bunch, every family problem is solved in an hour. I'm still waiting for that to happen.

I discovered yesterday that a home near my house was featured on HGTV-- it was, at one time, a barn. The area I live in was once an asparagus farm. I'll post about it soon.

I'm slowly losing my patience with it. I can't understand the prioritization the contractor has. To me, getting at least one sink up and running, which is completely doable, should have been first and formost. I think my landlord is going to mention it to him today.

You've shown considerable patience in putting up with your husband! ;)

There is nothing like that heat, is there? I think I've mentioned before, my first visit to Arizona, when my grandparents retired there; I burned the soles of my feet on the sidewalk.

Thanks-- overall we've been pleased with the choices our landlord made. I'm not so sure about the kitchen counter though-- it's formica that's supposed to look like granite. We'll see once it's in. I'm glad they changed their mind about Corian-- I used to work with the stuff when I was a construction worker, and wile it looks nice, there are a whole bunch
of problems with it-- odd things will damage it, like hairspray.

Thanks. I know you guys are having a much more extensive, and time-consuming reno. Glad that you had an alternate residence for the duration.