Friday, July 06, 2007

"The Calm Before the Storm" Random 10

Our landlord confirmed this morning that renovations to our kitchen, which were originally supposed to happen in May, will finally start Monday. While we're looking forward to having a dishwasher that doesn't have the door hanging on by a prayer and an oven that doesn't shoot flames out occasionally, we're not looking forward to the disruption.

1. Brand New Key- Melanie
2. First We Take Manhattan- Leonard Cohen
3. The Future's So Bright (I Gotta Wear Shades)- Timbuk3
4. It Ain't Me- Bob Dylan
5. Wedding Song- Peter, Paul and Mary
6. Open Your Eyes- Lords of the New Church
7. Color Me Impressed- The Replacements
8. Love Removal Machine- The Cult
9. Typical Girls- The Slits
10. Ludlow Massacre- Dick Gaughan


Anonymous said...

::sigh:: I dream of a day when we can afford an iPod or other modern-day music machiney-thing...

Beth said...

Ah, The Replacements. I could never love a man who doesn't love 'em. I have an MP3 of Wilco covering "Color Me Impressed."

Skylers Dad said...

Wedding Song - You surprise me JY with something that I like!

lulu said...

of course beth commented on The Replacements, I am begining to think that beth and I might be the same person.

Bubs said...

Great list.

As for the renovations, we'll have to have you over for a meal or two.

Evil Spock said...

I need to get some Paul Westernberg on my iPod stat!

cheer34 said...

An oven that shoots out flames every once in a while, who would want to give that up?

Grant Miller said...

I had that Timbuk3 song in my head yesterday but couldn't remember the name of the band.

Beth said...

Lulu and I may be the same person ... but she has better t*ts.

MacGuffin said...

The whole disruptive process of renovations always blows unless you have a second home or something. Good luck!

Johnny Yen said...

Big Orange-
Go to Apple's site and check out their refurbished ipods-- lots of good deals. Also, ebay. It's just very cool to have your music portable.

One of the moments I knew that Kim (who hails from Minneapolis) was the girl for me was when she wore her "Let It Be" t-shirt.

Skyler's Dad-
I love Peter, Paul and Mary.

Do you know that they were, essentially, a folk Monkees? They were put together by Dylan's manager Albert Grossman. Doesn't mean they weren't great, though!

Mary Travers had leukemia a few years ago and was cured through a bone marrow transplant. Out of curiousity, she found her donor, and discovered, to her amusement, that the donor was a woman who was a staunch Republican.

They were tied with REM as my favorite band of the eighties. A recurring conversation over the years has been who was better, REM or the Replacements. I can't-- it's like picking your favorite kid.


We'll probably take you up on that!

Evil Spock-
I was just thinking that I need to start getting Replacements albums on my ipod. I have individual songs, but not whole albums.

My wife, who, as I've mentioned, hails from Minneapolis, used to run around Minneapolis with a friend on "Paul Westerberg spotting" runs. They almost accidentally ran him over on his bicycle on one of these.

Yeah, as charming as our 1960's kitchen is, we'll have to give that up.

This building was built in 1911, so this is actually at least the second renovation of the kitchen.

I hate it when that happens. Seriously. Sometimes I'll have a melody or a line of a song in my head, and I won't be able to remember where it's from. I know a lot of damned songs.

Timbuk3 had one other, smaller, hit-- "Facts About Cats."

I'll take your word for it.

Yeah, it's going to be a ball. Fortunately, my stepdaughter will be out of town, visiting her grandparents for a lot of it, and my son is usually only here on the weekends, so that'll simplify it some. For me, it's especially hard-- I love to cook. As part of the deal, they've given us one month rent-free to compensate for the inconvenience, and the meals we'll have to do dining out or carrying out.