Friday, July 27, 2007

A New Feature

I've decided to add a new regular feature to my blog: "The Wit and Wisdom of Sonny Boy."

Sonny Boy is a nickname my ex- and I have for our thirteen year old son Adam. He's always been good for a joke since he was little. Recently, he made a comment about the movie Jaws that amused me, and a bunch of bloggers. Since he is now a teenager, the supply of smartass sarcastic highly observent, amusing quotes seem to be plentiful.

Last weekend, Adam and I were talking about the impending doom of Berwyn, Illinois sculpture "The Spindle." Sonny Boy proposed a plan of action.

"Bring the sculpture to Chicago and put up a wall between Berwyn and Chicago to protect it. We'll call it The Berwyn Wall."


Flannery Alden said...

Wow. Just wow!

The Elk said...


barista brat said...

i have a feeling it is NEVER dull when adam is around!

Skylers Dad said...

Does Adam carry around a little drum machine for his own rim shots?

Natalie said...

HAHAHA i am embarrassed that I find that as funny as I do.

Amy Guth said...

HA! That made me laugh and snort. I vote yes.

Bubs said...

Skyler's Dad beat me to the rimshot comment. WHOA, you're a good crowd!

I can't wait to meet that kid.

Grant Miller said...

Can we put a mote around all of Berwyn?

The Elk said...

Ich Bin ein ex-berwyner....

Chris said...

Somebody get that kid his own blog already!

BeckEye said...

Nice. I love a bad pan. A friend and I used to do this little "skit" called "Bad Pun Theatre." As soon as one of us would make a bad pun the other would say in a quasi-British accent, "It's time for another episode of Bad Pun Theatre," and then proceed to go back and forth with as many bad puns that we could think of.

Then at one of my old jobs, we created a "pun bell." Obviously, any time anyone made a bad pun we rang the bell. It rang a lot.

Johnny Yen said...

You said it all!

Are you still sore he's winning your annual bet?

You would be correct in that assumption!

Skyler's Dad-
We have to make do with an imaginary one.

As my late friend Mark said about puns, the great thing is the worse they are, the better they are.

Me too!

I have a feeling that you guys will get on well.

As long as my friend Paul, one of my favorite people, can get in and out. He lives there.

That's as bad as the original pun!

It's in the works!

Do you remember "Leonard Pinth-Garnell's 'Bad Theater'" bit on the old Saturday Night Live? Dan Ackroyd would host it. At the end of the excruciatingly bad and pretentious piece, he'd clap and say "That wasn't very good, was it?"