Saturday, July 07, 2007

I Think He's Ready

My son Adam, the confirmed rock fan, expressed interest about ZZ Top tonight.

My god, did I raise him right or what?

Tomorrow, we'll go through the ZZ Top Six-Pack and Deguello and run some songs onto his Itunes. And then maybe I'll raise his allowance or something.


Princess Banter said...

Haha that sounds awesome! Enjoy...

Skylers Dad said...

When does he start on his beard? Way to go Adam!

Anonymous said...

hee! no more razors!!

We played Pink Floyd to Solenbum while he was still in utero. Mostly "Wish You Were Here" and sometimes "welcome to the machine."

Coaster Punchman said...


Bubs said...

Make sure he appreciates how cool they were before they started using that stupid drum machine.

The Elk said...

While their music is OK they are complete Ass Clowns when it comes to their politics.
Big time supporters of our Moronic Idiot Child President....

BeckEye said...

I'm laughing at Bubs' comment.

Yeah they were kinda cool in the beginning, but I still have trouble telling one song from the other.

How young is your son? Too old to appreciate the great Sesame Street parody, "ZZ Blues" by Over The Top? Hey, I'm 34 and I'm not too old for that one. It's classic!

Mob said...

Wait'll you get him the cool keychain in a few years that turns any jalopy into a sweet ride...

Or does that only work in videos?

cheer34 said...

A raise in the allowance is in order for sure.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I expect to see some YouTubage of you and Adam doing your patented ZZ Top choreography on air guitar.

Erik Donald France said...

Regardless of politics, ZZ Top rocks! Artists may be forgiven much ;)

Erik Donald France said...
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GETkristiLOVE said...

OMG, will he ask about a pearl necklace next?!

Andi said...

Yay! A very important moment in any boy's (or girl's) life. I was just watching VH1's Rock Honors show the other night. Wow, can ZZ still rock, or what?

Johnny Yen said...

Princess Banter-
Thanks! I'm just relieved he likes music I like.

Skyler's Dad-
Given that I'm 46 and still can't grow a beard, my guess is that his will be thin too.

I've always been amused by the fact that drummer Frank Beard is the one in the group without a beard.

Big Orange-
Good work! Get them started out on the good stuff right away.

Adam loves Pink Floyd. He's got the Dark Side of the Moon cover as his screensaver.

He's been a rocker from day one. His first favorite song was Lou Reed's "Take a Walk On the Wild Side." I think the day is coming soon just what Candy was doing when she didn't lose her head...

Yeah, they need to get rid of the synthesisers and get back to the old kickass guitar sound.

I did not know that. W's latest f*ck-ups have to have made them budge.

He and my stepdaughter are big, big fans of parody in general. There's a lot of Weird Al Yankovich played in our home. I'll find the vid and play it for him.

I think that only works in the vids. But I would turn down that car, for sure.

Kim was watching that "Real Wives of Orange County" or something like that, and one of the women was one of the chicks in the old videos-- Gimme Some Lovin', etc. She'd hooked up with a major league ballplayer. It was a little shocking to see her as a middle-aged overweight housewife.

That'll be contingent on him cleaning his room occasionally. At 13, he's launched into full surly teenager mode recently.

Don't tempt me!

We got my stepdaughter a karoake machine for her last birthday, and she's had trouble prying it from my and Kim's hands. We may videotape a performance or two and put it up on youtube.

I agree!

I've mentioned before that the 1980 show at the notorious Aragon Ballroom (Brawlroom, as it's called) was one of my five favorite shows.

See the above comment on his love for the Lou Reed song.

An old friend of mine went to one of their shows a couple of years ago and said they kicked ass.

Spooney said...

The Elk said...
While their music is OK they are complete Ass Clowns when it comes to their politics.
Big time supporters of our Moronic Idiot Child President....

Well, they are from Texas.

Kathy said...

My cousin makes guitars--made some for ZZ Top, even. Check out Hamiltone Guitars. You'll like it.

The Elk said...

Q. What do Texans and flies have in common?
A They both eat shit and bother people....

Johnny Yen said...

I'm not a geographic determinist-- geography is no excuse.

One of my relatives, Sam Bass, was known as the Robin Hood of the West. He robbed and then gave most of the money away.

There's a story about he and his gang riding in to rob a train. They'd misread the schedule and were early (both misreading schedules and being early are family traits). They held the town at gunpoint and made them party with them-- another family trait (the partying, not the gunpoint).

I will check that out.

Not so fast with the Texan-bashing-- not only are a couple of my favorite relatives-- including Sam Bass-- Texans, but I have a great story involving The Clash and Texas. And a couple of my favorite bloggers, Mob and MacGuffin are Texans.

And let's not forget-- All My Ex's Live in Texas...