Tuesday, July 03, 2007

In Case They Were Wondering Why Nobody Showed Up For Their Garage Sale...

While on my errands today, I picked up the June 29, 2007 Chicago Reader, which I thumbed through while at Adam's baseball practice today. I don't know why this garage sale ad jumped out at me-- maybe it's because it was missing a key piece of information that someone who would have wanted to go to it may have wanted. See if you can spot it.


lulu said...

HA! Do you think they sat there wondering why no one showed up?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

They probably thought addresses were too easy.

Skylers Dad said...

It said multi-family. Maybe it was the entire city?

Johnny Yen said...

My question is did someone look back at the ad and catch the mistake?

I love how they add the very obvious and unnecessary "Come early for the best selection"-- duh-- and and miss putting the address on.

Or maybe they were afraid of crowds.

I actually had a friend who owned a popular Chicago bar who told me he avoided advertising because he didn't like crowds. Seriously. I'll post about it soon in an upcoming post about great Chicago taverns that are no longer around.

Skyler's Dad-
Aha-- I wondered about all the strangers milling around my garage last weekend.

In the next neighborhood over, Ravenswood Manor, they have an "entire neighborhood" garage sale once a year. It's a pretty upscale neighborhood (Illinois' governor lives there) so you can get pretty good stuff there.

Grant Miller said...

I missed it - no address. I get a cold shiver anytime I go to a garage sale. Growing up, my parents were professional garage sale shoppers. I don't think I had anything entirely "new" until college.