Thursday, October 23, 2008

Christmas Ideas

I love working Wednesday nights because I get to work with Karol and Sarah, two of the funnest people I've ever worked with. Last night, Karol brought in a handful of catalogs she got in the mail and fellow wine lover Sarah and I spotted the Christmas present we wanted in the Hammacer Schlemmer catalog: the full bottle wine glass. We pictured the future, talking to our respective spouses: "But honey, I only had two glasses of wine!"

We also decided that the animatronic singing and talking Elvis was a little creepy. And I realized that I better not let my son know about the authentic Pac-Man arcade game. It would be a very expensive Christmas. On the other hand, maybe I could win his allowance back quarter by quarter.


Dale said...

I get that Schlemmer catalogue too and love some of the stuff and scratch my head at a whole lot of it. The full bottle wine glass has to be a winner.

Bubs said...

I want that Elvis. Except that when I'm drinking I might shoot it.

sparker said...

How in the world could you leave out the Marshmallow Shooter?!?