Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Why Yes, It Is Funny-- Because It's True

On Monday night, at my Evanston job, this cartoon was making the rounds of the employees. I'd seen it a couple of days before, when someone emailed it to me.

At some point, a copy of it made it into the hands of the manager, a hired hand, who, unlike the owners, is one of those whack-job conservatives who believes that Democrats are either idiots, the anti-Christ or both. (Needless to say, we don't get along well). He looked at it, and sputtered "What, is this supposed to be fuckin' funny, or something?"

I walked away without saying anything, but in my head my answer was "Yes, for two reasons. One, because it's true. And secondly, because it pissed you off so much."


SkylersDad said...

I find it hilarious, I posted it a couple of days ago!

Bubs said...

Keep an eye on that manager. If talk radio is any indication, if things keep going this way--that is, polls increasingly showing an Obama lead--his head may explode.

And you don't want to get any on you.

MacGuffin said...

Aden Nak came up with that at 4:30 AM, the morning after the debate which is pretty damn impressive.

Truly hilarious and all so true.

Leonesse said...

I had this as my background for awhile. I try to keep an open mind about poluhticks, but c'mon people!!?? Sarah Palin should have ended that ticket immediately. Do these people NOT READ? Sorry, don't answer that.

Mnmom said...

Posted that on my blog too - so close to the truth it hurts!

DivaJood said...

RE: what Bubs said - if his head explodes, I wouldn't worry about anything gettin on you, cause the manager's head is obviously empty.