Friday, October 03, 2008

She Doesn't Look So Hot Now, Does She?

I missed the debate Thursday night-- we had the Cubs' awful playoff game on at work-- but I've been reading about it since.

I knew that the Republicans would be working with her intensely so that she wouldn't come off so dreadfully as she has nearly every other time she's had to deal with the public or press.

The basic consensus with the pundits seems to be that she wasn't as awful as everybody was afraid (or hopeful) that she'd be.

Why does the phrase "Damning with faint praise" come to mind?


SkylersDad said...

I was really hoping for a train wreck JY. She wouldn't answer some of the questions that were directed right at her, choosing to stay on the bullet points.

Anonymous said...

She was able to not fall off of the stage and to form mostly complete sentences. Just what I want in a president.

Cap'n Ergo "Carthage" Jinglebollocks said...

She winked at me! That's what *I* remember!!

Beth said...

She didn't bomb because she didn't answer questions. She spouted overly rehearsed soundbites -- many of which were off-topic of the posed question. She was folksy, she winked -- and she was an embarrassment to Alaskans and women. Seriously, why are folks supporting this joke?

Erik Donald France said...

The Blinky & Winky ticket is going down!

Obama-Biden just need to keep the pressure on through the election and get the vote out (which they are working relentlessly on), then the GOP can slink away to their holes for a good long while.

As Michigan goes, so goes the USA ;->