Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Okay, McCain Can Really Start Worrying Now

McCain needs to start making his plans for late November. They won't include preparing to move into the White House.

Writer Christopher Buckley, son of the late archconservative William F. Buckley, is himself a conservative. He was George Bush Sr.'s chief speechwriter. He writes a regular column in the very conservative publication National Review.

In another publication, he's come out for Obama.


The conservative rats are deserting the sinking McCain ship. I'm curious to know what desperate ploy McCain will try to pull out of his ass on the final debate on Wednesday. My guess is that he'll sit and chant "Jeremiah Wright/Bill Ayers!"


MacGuffin said...

The selection of Palin has just GOT to be a sobering thing to behold even from conservatives like Buckley, Brooks, Hitchens and the rest. Two mismanaged wars and a historic global financial meltdown are scary enough to contemplate without envisioning Palin taking the whole monstrous mess in hand. *shudder*

MacGuffin said...

Oh yeah, I left out GLOBAL WARMING. She doesn't know what causes it but I'm rootin', tootin' sure she can fix it. You betcha!

deadspot said...

Never forget that you don't have to win it if you can steal it.

Bubs said...

Deadspot is right. And anyway, at this point, the people who are going to turn out to the polls to support McCain don't appear to be what you'd call "readers".

SkylersDad said...

Never underestimate the stupidity of the masses JY.

Johnny Yen said...

It's been astounding to see the mass exodus of conservatives. I suspect that most conservatives really only want as low of taxes as possible and credible national defense. The irony is that we liberals want that too. We just have the realization that if you want nice things like schools, roads, etc. someone has to pay for them. The Easter bunny won't show up with them.

I'm hoping that with all the incredible organization that Obama has shown, he and the Democratic Party have got an army of lawyers, pollwatchers, election judges, etc. to keep an eye on things this time.

Yeah, they operate at a pretty bizarre level, don't they?

Still, I'm feeling pretty strong on this one.

Skyler's Dad-
Yeah, an electorate that voted in large numbers (but did not necessarily legally elect) W. not once, but twice is a sad sight to behold, isn't it?