Friday, October 31, 2008

The "Beat Johnny Yen" Contest Contestants So Far

All right, campers! The "Beat Johnny Yen" entries are rolling in! With Obama continuing to rise in the polls, and McCain having to use up scarce resources as he slips in his own home state of Arizona, you're beginning to feel the excitement! You're picturing yourself a couple of days after the election, after I've mailed the Obama bobblehead to you, walking into work with your trophy over your head like the Stanley Cup! You'll be able to brag that you called the the network and time that they first called the election for Obama.

Remember that you have until midnight, November 3 to get your entry in. I'll allow one "Mulligan"; you can change your time and/or network once.

All entries are November 4 unless otherwise indicated.

Johnny Yen CNN, 8:45 PM

Bubs MSNBC, 10:03 pm

The Prime Minister Evil Dictator CNN, 8:30 pm

Skyler's Dad CBS, 10:00 pm

Deadspot CNN, 9:37 pm

Jane CNN, 10:01 pm

MnMom MSNBC, 1:49 am Wednesday, Nov. 5

Patrick CNN, 10:36 pm

Randomgal CNN, 9:45 pm

Kim CNN, 11:52 pm

Some Guy NBC, 8:14 pm

Allison CNN, 11:36 pm

Dale CNN, 8:47 pm

Vikki MSNBC, 9:01 pm

Aunt TA ABC, 10:15 pm

Franiam CNN, 9:53 pm

Rocket Scientist PBS, 9:34 pm

JR MSNBC, 9:48 Eastern ST, (8:48 Central)

Erik CNN, 10:01 pm "Eastern Elite" time (that's 9:01 Central)

TenS CNN, 11:45 pm

Freida Bee ABC, 9:15 pm


Powderhornhockey said...

Brian, I'm feeling more confident in my MoJo I'm changing my time, 10:01 Central pm Tues Nov 4th CNN.

Johnny Yen said...

Good call! I think that the evil Republicans are too divided and the numbers necessary to steal another one are too high for them to overcome the lead.

I'll be interested to see how young people vote in this election; Obama's generated a lot of excitement among them. And us middle-aged folk too, for that matter.

Bubs said...

10:03 pm CST MSNBC

Thanks! I had totally forgotten how the networks won't call early any more, and now they're all so afraid of being called pro-Obama that even if this shapes up into a landslide after the east coast numbers come in from VA, NC, FL and OH I'm betting they still won't call.

Patrick Kissane said...

Ha! Don't mail it to me, just walk up the stairs... I'll be waiting up here with a real nice Scotch.

FranIAm said...


Thanks Johnny Yen.

kim said...


11:52 pm, CNN, Nov. 4th.

Freida Bee said...

ABC, 9:15 Central Time

Tenacious S said...

oops, CNN.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Yen,

Really enjoy your blog.....I was afraid to join your contest - I was too disappointed in the last presidential election (I thought there was no way George W was going to win). So, I've been holding my breath this time ........So, Mr. Yen - it's 8:16pm - and Boy, I hope you win!!! I'm starting to breath.....thank you for your blog, very well written, enjoyable - and informative! (it's 9:20pm...) my hopes are high...mags

FranIAm said...

I see my bobble head slipping from my hands... yet I see good things for my candidate in my still cautious optimism!

Anonymous said...

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