Friday, October 03, 2008

The "Get What You Wish For" Friday Random Ten

In a recent post, I was lamenting the fact that my son's schedule is making it difficult to spend time with him. I hardly got to see him last weekend, and with his homecoming and band next weekend, I was hardly going to see him then either.

I'd told him a while back that now that he is older, he can tell his mother if he wants to change the schedule of spending time at his two homes. He exercised that option, apparently, and I got a call last night telling me the he wanted to switch the schedule around to be here this weekend. I was very happy about that.

Tonight, my family will visit a friend's gallery and head over to Chinatown for dinner. It'll be nice to have us all together.

1. Coconut Water- Robert Mitchum
2. You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man- Loretta Lynn
3. Johnny Be Goode- Chuck Berry
4. Complete Control- The Clash
5. Amelia- Joni Mitchell
6. Have a Cigar- Pink Floyd
7. Skip A Rope- Henson Cargill
8. California Dreamin'- The Mamas and The Papas
9. So Caught Up In You- .38 Special
10. Dog Food- Iggy Pop

1. Yes, that Robert Mitchum. He put out a pretty passable calypso album.
2. You play the Loretta Lynn record backwards and her man comes back, she gets her house back, etc.
3. From the father of rock and roll.
4. The Clash ripping on their record company.
5. From "Hejira," one of my desert island albums.
6. Pink Floyd ripping on their record company. I think it was CBS records, the same as the Clash.
7. Here's a rarity-- a country song that has liberal social commentary. Henson Cargill passed away last year.
8. I never get tired of this song. Jose Feliciano also did a really nice cover of it.
9. Okay, guilty pleasure here. Reminds me of hanging with townies in my college town playing pool. This was written by Jim Peterik, who wrote and performed the Ides of March's great "Vehicle."
10. "I'm livin' on dog food" "So what?"


SkylersDad said...

Regarding #3, that is my favorite moment in "Back to the Future".

Michael J Fox playing Johnny Be Goode and The dude backstage on the phone saying "Hey Chuck, it's your brother Maurice. You know that sound you been looking for? Well listen to this!"

Leonesse said...

I loves me some Loretta Lynn. Haven't heard her for prolly 20 years. Of course, I am only 22*, so there ya go.

*that's a big, fat lie.

kirby said...

Robert Mitchum kicked ass on the theme song to his movie "Thunder Road."

Bubs said...

Soldier is a favorite Iggy Pop album. That was the tour I first saw him on, at the Riviera. Good times!

And thanks for that Mitchum!

lulu said...

I love me some .38 Special